5 Tips for Spring Cleaning your Closet + An Easy Off the Shoulder Sundress

off the shoulder boho dress

off the shoulder boho dress

(Photography by Vivid Dream Photography)

Dress: Red Carter c/o | Crescent Necklace: My Stella and Dot | PomPom Hoop earrings: Purple Peridot c/o | Mini M.A.C. Crossbody bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Wedges: Marc Fisher (Similar here and here) | Celine Wrap Bracelet: My Stella and Dot | Sunglasses: Nordstrom (similar here and here) | Trio Bracelet Set: TAudrey c/o


off the shoulder sundress


Happy first day of Spring, you guys! We are officially into my very favorite season of the year. I’ve always loved the colors of spring and after winter, it just always feels like a breath of fresh air when that first cool snap hits here in the south.

With Spring comes Spring Cleaning, right? I recently spent pretty much an entire Saturday cleaning out my insanely unorganized closet and it’s been utter heaven to walk into it and see everything so organized. I’ve heard people talk of “shopping their closets” but until just a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t know what that really felt like. It’s FANTASTIC, ladies.

I thought I would share a few tips with you all on what really helped me get it done. Let’s dive in to some ideas for spring cleaning your closet.

1. Hit Play.

Energetic tunes definitely get me motivated and more likely to continue a lot longer with a project than if I was working in total silence. I know I’m not alone here, right? Before you get going, be sure to break out your favorite playlist, maybe what you workout to, to get the energy going and positive vibes rolling. Music is such an easy and effective way to conquer those mindless tasks like closet cleaning.


off the shoulder red carter dress


2.Divide and Conquer.

Rather than trying to tackle everything all in one day, try dividing up the tasks. Go through your shoes one day, maybe your blouses the following day(or week…baby steps), etc.

Now, I’ll admit that I just prefer to dig in and get it all done in one day as much as I can, but I understand that some might feel a little overwhelmed by the ‘bigness’ of the task, or simply don’t have an entire afternoon to dedicate to it. I totally get it.

Either way you do it though, give yourself some leeway and some grace. I’m guessing that it likely took you more than a day to accumulate the stuff in your closet, so give yourself some time to get through it all….but, not too long, mmkay? Give yourself a reasonable deadline to get it all accomplished and stick to it. You’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment each morning as you step into your newly organized space.


rebecca minkoff mini mac


3.Contractor bags are your friend.

Some people may use boxes, but I had so much stuff to go through that I ended up using contractor garbage bags. They are both much stronger and larger than standard kitchen garbage bags.

I had three of these bags handy..one for tossing, one(more like four for my project) for donating, and one for selling.

I went through EVERYTHING in my closet one-by-one and set them in separate piles on my bed. Once things began stacking up, I would stop, take them off the hangers, fold and sort them into the appropriate bag. Once that was done, I’d head back into the closet and start again. And so it went, six or seven times.


embroidered off the shoulder dress


4.Don’t overthink it.

Ok, you guys, this might seem super simple, but I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve started a closet cleaning project and as I’m going through things on the racks, I’m torn between keeping things or tossing things, wasting valuable time. Listen to me….,grab a piece, make a QUICK decision to keep, toss, donate or sell based on how often you actually wear it and whether you love the way it fits you on you or not. I think we pretty much know the answers to these questions for 90% of the things in our closet, but try not to get hung up on pining over that skirt you got 6 years ago that might or might not come back in style again this decade(pss…let it go!).

Again, don’t overthink it.


off the shoulder dress


5.Great tools are key.

I’m not sure if it’s lame or awesome, but I’ll admit that picking up a new pack of slim velvet hangers seriously makes me happy these days! There is nothing quite like shopping for great closet organizing tools. I love that there are entire sites dedicated to organizing now. Bed, Bath and Beyond, Ikea, and The Container Store are all great places to shop for things that work for your particular closet needs.

Here are a few of the items I picked up for my closet recently and a couple others that I plan to incorporate soon:



red carter dresses


Thanks so much for stopping by this morning! Hope you found something helpful to get your spring cleaning off to a motivating start!


pom pom hoop earrings

Dress: Red Carter c/o | Crescent Necklace: My Stella and Dot | PomPom Hoop earrings: Purple Peridot c/o | Mini M.A.C. Crossbody bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Wedges: Marc Fisher (Similar here and here) | Celine Wrap Bracelet: My Stella and Dot | Sunglasses: Nordstrom (similar here and here) | Trio Bracelet Set: TAudrey c/o

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  1. March 21, 2017 / 1:36 am

    Great post my friend, and love that dress on you!

  2. March 22, 2017 / 1:58 am

    That is such a cute sundress! You look so gorgeous!

    xo Mariam

  3. March 22, 2017 / 2:31 am

    First I love this outfit! You are gorgeous! Second these tips are great!! I need to clean out my closet asap!

  4. Elise
    March 23, 2017 / 2:55 pm

    such a pretty dress!! love the bag you styled it with too. great outfit!

  5. March 23, 2017 / 10:56 pm

    This dress is GORG on you and those earrings are so fabulous! And I love your tips! I put in my favorite movie, pour a glass of wine, and just do it!

    xo, Sara

  6. March 27, 2017 / 9:51 pm

    Okay that dress is seriously SO stunning!!! I love your tips, I need to start my spring cleaning!

  7. March 30, 2017 / 6:24 pm

    this dress!! i love the colors and the detail!!! perfect for spring and summer!

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