And the award goes to…

And the award goes to…

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So the Oscars are tonight…do you watch the award ceremony? Or do you just watch all the pre-show stuff like me? Just give me all the fashion hits and misses, thank you very much! The rest I could pretty much take or leave, depending on how many of the nominated movies I’ve seen that particular year. And this year, that total is a big fat zero. Nada. I’ve seen not a one of the nominated films for Best Picture 2015. Sad is what that is. (Seriously, what have I been doing the past year?)

However, I HAVE seen three of the five nominated ANIMATED feature films…so I do have that. I’m a mom, what can I say? I’m in the animated movie season of my life right now. 😉

So, I’ll be glued to the tv watching all the red carpet looks role out tonight. It’s always a fun time picking out the best dressed nominees of the night. Oh, and in case you ever feel bad for the nominees who don’t win, you can go ahead and let that go right now. Take a gander at this gift bag consolation prize for the 2015 Oscars nominees who DON’T take home the gold. Ummm….this year it’s filled with goodies/services totaling $167,586.76!

Don’t know about you but I’d be prettttty ok with that kind of loot for being the loser of the evening.

So , to get into the Oscar mood, I pulled together some fun looks and formal event must-haves for every gal’s clutch.

Shop Evening looks:

Have a great night watching all the Oscar festivities and thanks so much for reading!



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