Beauty Break

Beauty Break

Good Sunday evening to you! Hope you’ve had a great weekend thus far. If you’re like me, you’re doing the weekly task of gearing up for the week ahead with meal planning, outfit planning, preppy the gym bag, laundry, and so on. I find spending a couple of hours on Sunday night really helps control the craziness of the days ahead. One of the things I also like to do is spend some time doing a good deep cleansing at-home facial. I try to take off the makeup for several hours before bed, do a mask, exfoliate and especially hydrate my skin.

One thing I’ve also added to that routine is using the Spin for Perfect Skin facial brush. I want to let you know right up front that I have owned and used the Clarisonic Mia 2 Brush for a number of years now. So, when I was contacted to try out this new much more affordable option, I really wanted to see for myself if it was as good as my Clarisonic and let you guys know my thoughts on it. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Here’s what I like about it:

1) It comes with five different heads

~Cleansing Brush

~Exfoliating Brush

~Pumice Stone

~Body Brush

2) It runs on traditional AA batteries rather than having to sit on the counter in a charger scenario and get dusty as is the case with my other facial brush

3) It rotates(380 rotations per minute) rather than vibrates like my Clarisonic facial brush, which makes it feel like it exfoliates a little better in my experience

4) The pricepoint ($99 vs. $150 for the Clarisonic I have)

spin for perfect skin 1

I’m a wee bit obsessed with exfoliating. I like it. I like it ALOT. So, I like combining the cleansing brush and then coming back again with the exfoliating head. Ahh…such a fantastic feeling. There’s nothing like that smooth glowing finish that a good exfoliation does for your skin. In my opinion, this brush works nearly just as well as my other expensive version, which I was obviously pretty pleased about.

Now, if I had to divulge my cons about it and get really picky, I would have to say that I wish it came with a case of some kind and a maybe a pouch to store the heads in when I’m not using them. Again, I’m nitpicking here because at this price I could easily buy a nice bag for it and still come out cheaper than my other facial brush. And lastly, this brush may have a little softer touch than the Clarisonic, but that could be viewed as either a positive OR a negative. If you have sensitive skin and need something with a little more gentle touch, I really think you will love the Spin for Perfect Skin Brush. But, as I mentioned before, I like a good exfoliation, and along with the cleanser brush, I found it did the job quite nicely.

I love finding a great, more affordable alternative to share with you guys. That’s why I’m SO thrilled to share this code with you that will get you this $99 brush for $30! Crazy good, right?!

So if you’re in the market for a facial brush for the first time, I encourage you to give this one a go! For $30 you can’t go wrong and it’s absolutely well worth the price! A steal of a deal, I’d have to say!

Using code: Spin23JR on your order will get you your Spin for Perfect Skin Brush AND free shipping in the US! 🙂

You get a spa night, and you get a spa night, and you get a…. 🙂

spin for perfect skin 2

spin for perfect skin 3


spin for perfect skin 5

Have a great night, ladies!



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