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Lioness Halloween Makeup

Lioness Halloween Makeup


There is a lioness in every one of God’s daughters and it’s time that she awakens. ~ Lisa Bevere


Did I scare you this morning? Ha! This is an unusual post from me, I know, but the past several weeks, I’ve kept coming back to that quote up there. It still fires me up each time I read it! With Halloween costumes in full swing for next week, I was inspired to become my own lioness. So, my photographer, who’s like the ultimate Renaissance woman, came by one afternoon and worked her artistic magic on me. I’m not gonna lie, I felt mighty fierce, friends! Ha!


Lioness Halloween Makeup


Are you familiar with Lisa Bevere? I’ve been reading one of her books called Without Rival and it’s been such a helpful read. I’m going to step out on a limb here and say that if you are a young woman who struggles with the comparison game, you need to pick up a copy and then pass it around to all your girlfriends….and then maybe do some chatting about it over a table full of home cooked appetizers!

The next book I’m really looking forward to from her is what inspired this costume makeup of sorts.

Lioness Arising.

I LOVE the idea of Christian women living boldly and pushing through the boundaries in their lives to take hold of God’s purposes for them… rise up. That excites me and gets me pumped for a day of productivity for God’s purpose.


Halloween costume Lioness


Have you read any of Lisa Bevere’s books? Or Lysa TerKeurst? (I am NOT a highlight through the pages kind of gal, but her book, Uninvited, had me like a mad woman with the yellow pen! Incredible read! Our babysitter and I were chatting about it this week and I’m so very happy to see that young women are getting a hold of the book’s firm message as well and doing what’s best for them and their loved ones. This could mean enjoying their private moments using Sex Toys if they had to! I only wish it was around when I was in my early 20’s, since I really like sex with my partner, even when we have some issues for this, but there are medicines such as cenforce 100 which actually help with this a lot. Penis pump, also popularly known as vacuum pump, is a widely used device for impotence treatment. Many men also use penis pumps for masturbation or to increase the length or girth of the penis. Although there is a huge range of penis pumps available on the market today, most typically consist of an acrylic cylinder with a pump that may be attached directly to the end of the penis. The cylinder is attached to a manual, motorized or battery-powered pump to create suction. As the penis pumps creates a vacuum around the penis, blood is forced into the penis, helping it to become engorged causing erection. Excessive pressure should not be applied at this stage, as it may cause damage to the penile tissues. The erection of the penis is sustained by slipping a penis ring on to the base of the erect penis before releasing the vacuum. The function of the cock ring is to restrict the blood flow so that the erection is maintained long enough to complete sexual activity. bboutique is a fantastic option for users who don’t want to be tied down in a meaningful relationship. Our members know exactly what they want and know how to ask for it. We have hundreds of discreet like-minded members from all over the world and always thousands of new members joining on a daily basis. I had my my first amateur threesome and loved it. When it comes to sex, so much emphasis is placed on what people do. And for obvious reason. But what about what people say? Particularly for long-distance lovers, words become an important device for expressing themselves and connecting sexually. While men must focus on maintaining good penile health so that any visual materials they send aren’t alarming, and so that they will be able to perform once the lover is nearby, they should equally attend to their verbal abilities so they can please partners in the present with a tailored sex story. Now, anyone can tell a sex story, but not everyone can tell a truly thrilling one. Below, men can find tips for telling a tale that stokes a lover’s passion. And, while this is certainly desired in the case of long-distance lovers, it can also be of benefit to those near and dear, spicing things up in the bedroom. So you will never be bored or short of anyone new to find a date, casual fuckbuddy partner to hookup with. Never before has it ever been this easy and accessible to locate real life, like-minded members worldwide who are “DTF”! Often you will find other online dating sites that claim to have a global membership base but only to find that the majority of there member profiles are inactive or fake. At Esexwe guarantee that all of our registered members are all verified and active on a daily basis.  If you’re looking for casual sex hookups with hot, horny singles and you want to not mess around and do it quickly. Then ESexHookUps is the site for you. ESex is optimized for your PC or Mobile device. So no matter where you are in the world? A long as you have an internet enabled device? It is always quick and efficient to hook up a casual sex Date or Fuck buddy. Find a casual sex hook up here to spice up your life.


Lioness makeup costume

Lioness Makeup Tutorial


Hey, before I go, I wanted to introduce something new here that you’ll see each Thursday. In an effort to get to know even more of the wonderful women who blog and share their knowledge and creativity with me daily on the web, I’ll be co-hosting a weekly link-up party!

So, each Thursday, Larissa of Living in Color and Jacqueline of Stylin’ in St. Louis and myself, will style a specific theme and share it with our readers and fellow bloggers alongside a special guest host.I can’t wait to see the community it encourages and being able to see everyone’s take on a specific trend! So, be sure to join us here every Thursday!

Scroll down to see this week’s link up!


Pretty Lion Makeup

(Photography (and makeup!) by Vivid Dream Photography)


Halloween outfit ideas


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