Crushing on Cobalt

Crushing on Cobalt

So, ever since I made the impulse purchase on those sleek booties in the number 1 spot on this color story, my eye keeps zoning in on all things cobalt. I realize with it being the first of October and Fall just barely under way, I should probably be thinking about neutrals and leopard prints, but my love of bold color knows no season it would seem. I’m constantly craving saturated colors and prints that pop.

What I really love most about this bold shade of blue is the fact that it looks great on just about everyone….brunettes, blondes, redheads….it doesn’t discriminate. It’s a winner on everyone.

So, bare with me….heavy doses of leopard and fall vests are on the way, I promise. But until then, take a gander at just a few of the many things that caught my eye on the web today. From pops of cobalt done in more casual elements, to dressier looks, there’s a little something for everyone. The links are below.


Crushing on Cobalt

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