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denim overalls for women


Question: Who else rocked overalls hard back in the day?

I’ve owned skirt ones, cutoff ones and long ones over the course of the years. What can I say? They’ve always made me feel young and cool. Ha!

As so many things do, the long version of denim overalls are back in a big way this year, but with a revamped fit that flatters instead of adding to your waistline!


styling overalls with a cardigan for Fall


Think of a great pair of girlfriend or skinny jeans with an added bib detail. That’s kind of what the new version is like and my first thought when I tried them on in the fitting room is, “why on God’s green earth weren’t overalls always designed this way?!” Throw in a couple distressed details and an unfinished shorter hem and it’s a whole different ballgame!


Balloon sleeve top for women


Just for some added color and warmth for cool days, I threw on a colorful cardigan to see if it would work with them and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I felt an immense sense of accomplishment to discover it did. Ha!

Now, I realize that overalls might not be for EVERYONE, but honestly, fashion is supposed to be fun, so I encourage you to get out there and try on a pair in the privacy of fitting rooms everywhere. If you’re like me, you may just find yourself¬† happily skipping out of the fitting room straight to the checkout counter!


Affordable Fall open toe booties


To elevate the style, try pairing them with a cute pair of booties and a top with fun sleeve details. I’ve been smitten with all the balloon sleeve tops this season.


how to style a cardigan with overalls


In other news, guys…I’m ALREADY in the Christmas mood! Typically, this doesn’t happen for me until the first week of December, so it’s kind of weird to be at Home Goods scoping out Christmas decorations and listening to the campy ‘Feliz Navidad’ the week after Halloween. Who IS this girl??!

Where are you on the Christmas spirit timeline?? Too early? Right on time?


Casual Fall outfit ideas for women

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