Feathers and Fashion

Feathers and Fashion

Let’s talk cute tees again, shall we? I had this tee custom made by Julia of Glitter and Jules and just adore how it turned out. Check out her shop, she has some really cute pieces and will custom make goodies for you as well. So, anyway, I, and the rest of the fashion world, are on a major statement tee kick this season. There’s really so much to love about them….fashionable and cute all at the same time.

It’s fabulous.

So I knew right off that I wanted to pair mine up with this playful feather skirt that I got last winter and this purse and heels to add some pops of color. Stacking up two layers of pearls, a brooch and this gorgeous baroque bracelet, I think, pulled everything together nicely.

On the topic of fall/winter fashion, I find that while I love things a bit more on the cutesy/girly side for spring and summer, something happens in the fall and winter months.

The edgy fashion chick in me starts to want to come out for whatever reason. I love sleek leathers and all the fun textures that the fall/winter seasons bring. I still throw in my preppy looks for everyday, but when dressing up, I love a look with just a bit of an edge to it.

Any who, I’ve got a few more fun fall looks coming this week as well that I’m excited to share with you all.


Feathers and fashion 1

feathers and fashion 2

feathers and fashion 3

feathers and fashion 4

feathers and fashion 5

feathers and fashion 6

feathers and fashion 7

feathers and fashion 8

studded heels

T shirt: Glitter and Jules | Skirt: Shop Dandy | Jacket: Curb Appeal | Shoes: Shop Hope’s  (here also)| Purse: Curb Appeal | Necklaces: JCrew & Ameeranoor | Bracelet: Sira Mara

Until next time, lovelies!



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