French Connection

French Connection

I was born and raised in New Orleans and one of the very first clothing stores I remember really loving to peruse as a teenager was French Connection. They had a polished aesthetic that always really appealed to me. Still to this day, every time I see that familiar logo, I think about a snappy little pleated black mini skirt of theirs that I rocked over and over again.

So, I recently got to thinking about them and hopped onto their site to see if that old feeling between us was still there, though one-sided that feeling may be. The verdict? Yep, all the polish is without a doubt still there with sophisticated pieces that are both feminine and contemporary.

Fresh. Perfect.

I did a little window shopping and pulled together my dream French Connection outfit, head to toe, from their current season. Pale pink chiffon ruffles….croc luxe shorts…..sleek booties….


This ensemble seriously needs to find its’ way into my closet.

If you haven’t yet seen what French Connection is up to this season, do yourself a favor and stop by. I dare you not to find at least a handful of pieces you’d love to see hanging in your closet too.

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