Fun things

Fun things

Hiya gals! I’ve got some fun things to share with you guys tonight! The first of which is this awesome print from Paperlue. I have a workout top with this saying on it and so when I saw this metallic gold print, I knew I had to have it! Also, speaking of golden goodies, I must confess that metallic gold spray paint just might be my new addiction. Eeek! In five minutes flat I had this super cute mason jar painted and hanging out to dry! I may or may not be scouring more items around the house that could benefit from a golden makeover.

Secondly, how cute is my new monogrammed jewelry case? I love the little pull out drawer and the modern feel of the acrylic finish. I especially love walking past it and being able to see all my current favorite jewelry pieces. 🙂 Works great for both function AND home decor.

I also wanted to share this nifty little brush compact with you guys too. I don’t know if I’m alone in this dilemma or not, but trying to carry the few brushes I need for touchups throughout the day gets to be a bit of a pain and I always seem to be misplacing them(I’ve found more brushes on the floorboard of my car than I’d like to admit). So, this little fold up case has really solved my on-the-go brush dilemma. It comes with eight brushes that fan out when you open it. Everything has a place and you just pop them back in when you’re done! Now, about the brushes. Like myself, I know that lots of gals are pretty finicky about the ones they use at home to apply makeup. Are these the pricey, luxe brushes you might use at home? Probably not. But here’s the thing. I do all the precise applying while I’m at home. I just need to be able to touch up a bit when I’m out and these brushes do the job quite nicely, I have to say. I would suggest you to visit the BumbleJax company website and look at the various acrylic printing services they offer as their prints are sure to enhance your photo album.

So if you’re looking for a solution to the brush situation, I really recommend you give this compact a shot. It’s regularly $32.99 but for you guys, Vanity Planet is offering a 60% discount using codeJRBeauty.That makes it a whopping $13.20, you guys. Well worth it!


 paperlue 2

hkyle boutique 4

Hkyle boutique

hkyle 3

brush compact

brush compact 2

brush compact

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you have a great night!



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