Kidogo Kidogo

Kidogo Kidogo

Cell phones….what ever would we all do without them, right? They’ve become what we like to describe as a very definite necessity in our day to day lives. Not only do we use them to surf the internet and to socialize, but we also use them as our means of telling time, calling the important people in our lives, for work purposes and even for keeping tabs on our bank accounts.

It’s always nice discovering a company that is dedicated to raising awareness and helping women around the world. That’s what the ladies over at Kidogo Kidogo are doing. They saw the importance and need for the women of Tanzania who are of low-income to have access to cell phones as a tool for making contact with local farmers and potential customers in an effort to make an income. Imagine if we didn’t have a means of transportation OR a cell phone to deliver goods to make a basic living? That’d be some pretty tough living. This company provides as many low-income women as they can there with their own cell phones. You can read several stories from the women who have benefited from them and how here.

So how does Kidogo Kidogo give many of these women their own cell phones?…by folks like you and I purchasing a cell phone case or donating directly to the cause. And can we just talk about that cell phone case for a minute? How cute are these safari themed flamingos?! It’s part of their new Safari Collection featuring the artwork and illustrations of artist, Sarah Markes. There are also some pretty adorable giraffes and elephants as well.

Head to their site to see the difference this company is making in the lives of the women of Tanzania. As their name, Kidogo Kidogo translates to the local language spoken there, “little by little” they are certainly improving lives of not only these women, but of their families as well!

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kidogo kidogo

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    • admin
      March 6, 2015 / 4:48 am

      Thank you so much, ladies! Hard to beat some really cute flamingos and a great cause! 🙂

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