Mint with Boutique Estella

Mint with Boutique Estella

Happy Saturday, you guys! I trust everyone got through their week ok. I’m not sure how allergy season is going where you are, but man, it’s rough here right now! That Texas Snow(pollen) has definitely made it’s way here as well. Makes it kinda hard to enjoy the pretty spring weather and temps! Between pollen and all the humidity that our April showers bring around here, it’s tough to catch a break for just a few photos. A curling iron just cannot stand up to this south Louisiana humidity. Thirty minutes to curl it, 30 seconds for it to disappear. When looking through photos, I can almost see the precise moment it all goes to pot. Ha! Oh well, whatcha gonna do? I feel ponytail and straight hair season quickly approaching.

Enough weather talk.

How fun and easy is this Boutique Estella mint dress? I kept it simple with some Kendra Scott earrings and a few bright tassel bracelets. The top portion of the dress is kinda like a built-in necklace of sorts….not much needed there with all that colorful detail. The clutch is one from last year, but I’m linking up to another really cute option down below. Same for the bracelets. I found a few really cute similar color versions for those as well.

Cheers to the weekend, ladies!

mint dress 1

mint dress 2

mint dress 3

mint dress 4

mint dress 5

mint dress 6

Dress: Boutique Estella c/o | Clutch: Express(last year) Cute option here | Heels: (sold out) Similar, Similar | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Bracelets(last year) Similar, Similar, Similar, Love this option here 


Have a fantastic weekend!



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