Mott 50

Mott 50

Warning: Debbie Downer coming at you today! But I promise I’ll end it on an up note, ok? 🙂

You guys, laying out in the sun all summer long is not doing your skin or your health any favors. I know, I know. I’ve spent many a spring season working on my ‘base tan’ so I could get that deep golden tan by the first of summer. My family and I made yearly trips to the beach every year. So, I totally get it. Feels good to slather that oil on and let the sun work it’s magic.

Up until two years ago, I was right there with you. I was proud of the work I put into getting my dark tan. Then I found a weird spot on my leg. I let it go for a bit thinking it would go away on it’s own or maybe it was just one of those dreaded age spots popping up. After it didn’t seem to go away, I finally went and had it checked out. Turns out it was non-cancerous but I had to have a biopsy done on it, and have a second minor office surgery procedure to get it plus some of the surrounding skin removed. I remember feeling scared….like my super powers were starting to slip or something. Not a great feeling.

A little background….skin cancer runs in my family. My grandmother had Melanoma, my mom had a spot cut off of her face when I was a teenager, and most recently, my sister went through some cancer treatments for a spot situated very close to some lymph nodes.

So, I’ve done a total 360 when it comes to being out in the sun. It’s faux glow all the way for me these days.

Skin protection is crucial, which is why I was so thrilled to learn more about Mott 50. They are a company looking to change the way we see sun protective clothing. Everything has a very chic vibe to it and the versatility of all of the pieces in the collection is fantastic. While your average white tee shirt may have a UPF(Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 5, the Mott 50 clothing line has a certified 50 UPF in all of their pieces. That’s pretty significant, you guys.

I encourage you to browse their collections online. While most everything can be worn along with your swimwear, keep in mind that they are also great for styling just like any other piece in your wardrobe. A day out sightseeing in the hot sun, walks on the boardwalk….all great scenarios for grabbing a chic classic stripe top or an open cardigan before you walk out the door.

Or…you could opt for a super cute tunic like this navy version here. I love this top! The neckline details, the easy slip-on style…perfect. I paired it with some classic white denim to go for a little bit of a nautical feel.

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to come visit me here over on the blog! Have a great Thursday, ladies!

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Tunic: Mott 50 c/o | Denim: Gap | Sandals: Tory Burch | Handbag: Melie Bianco Like this one! | Turquoise ring: CS Gems c/o | Bangle: Stacy Brown Designs c/o | T Bracelet: Leopard & Latte c/o | Hat: Old Navy (sold out) Similar here | Necklace: Bip & Bop c/o | Yellow Ring: Amelia Rose Designs c/o





  1. June 13, 2015 / 4:19 pm

    That tunic is so cute!!! I’ll have to go check out Mott 50!

    • admin
      June 13, 2015 / 4:52 pm

      Thank you, Kallie! Definitely! They carry some super cute things and so perfect for the summer weather elements! 🙂 Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting me here on the blog!

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