Plaid Lovers Gift Guide 2015

Plaid Lovers Gift Guide 2015

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Hey gals! Hope your Sunday is going well! Today is a full one for our family with regular church in the am, a quick lunch and then my sweet boy’s birthday party in the afternoon. He feel asleep last night with a big party-ready smile on his face. 🙂

Hey, how about a fun Plaid Lovers edition to go along with the rest of my Holiday gift Guide series?! I hope you love this one as much as I do! Plaid…the darling of all the winter prints. And it’s fairly easy to see why. So eye catching and festive, right? And if I’m honest, they make me feel all Christmasy inside. Am I alone here?

So I’ve scoured the net to bring you guys some great gift ideas(stocking stuffers too!) for the plaid lovers in your lives, all at really great price points! Nothing on that list up there is over $50…even that (#8)Kate Spade makeup bag with the bow! Scout’s honor.

Don’t forget about all of my other gift guides as well! You can always find those both here and here.

Happy shopping, ladies and thanks so much for reading!

ps…..hang on to your fall fedoras, you guys, ’cause it’s going to be a busy posting week here on the blog and over on Instagram! With Black Friday this week, I’m working to bring you guys all the great sale info I possibly can! Be sure to stay tuned and if you’re not already, please consider following along with me here through email subscription or via one of my social channels(Buttons for those are at both the top and bottom of the blog)!




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