Quilted Koala

Quilted Koala

In between seven straight days of rain this past week, somehow we managed to sneak in some photos(it’s a Christmas miracle!). It was sticky and humid as all get out, but we got it done, which was a real load off my shoulders.

So after all the rain we’ve been having, I’m SO happy to be ushering in some sunshine with this Quilted Koala tote! I never met a bright color I didn’t like, including this cheerful yellow! It’s perfect for the spring/summer months ahead. Roomy enough for weekend getaways or a day at the beach. I’m sure I’ll be taking mine to the pool with the kiddos this summer!

About that yellow….

Back when I was about nine or ten I guess, my mom got a wild hair and entered me in her hometown’s annual summer beauty pageant. It was the one and only pageant I ever did, mind you. Anyway, she decided to have a dress made for me to wear in said pageant. For whatever reason, she thought yellow was “my color”. I guess looking back on it now, maybe she was trying to help me stand out in a sea of frilly pink dresses on stage, I don’t know. I’ve given her grief about choosing yellow for that dress for as long as I can remember! Ha! Sadly, her efforts didn’t pay off as I didn’t place at all(my older sister, on the other hand, DID place that same night in her age category.) I know it broke my mom’s heart to see me sitting quietly in a corner feeling like a bit of a loser that night.

So, it’s taken me a number of years, but I’ve come to love wearing the color yellow! I can’t wear it without thinking of my mom. After many years of eye rolling at the thought of that yellow lace dress, I now must reluctantly admit that just maybe she was right about it being “my color”.

A mom actually knowing what she’s talking about? C’mon! Ha!

Have a great Saturday, gals!

quilted koala 1

quilted koala 2

quilted koala 3

quilted koala 4

quilted koala 5

quilted koala 6

quilted koala 7

quilted koala 8

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