Retro + Ruffles

Retro + Ruffles

I’ve mentioned before about my love for all things vintage/retro, which is why I’m really excited about sharing this great suit with you guys today! If you’re looking for something modest, yet still super stylish, I highly recommend this one for your summer trips to the beach and pool. I’m a details kind of gal and this swimsuit definitely has lots of them! From the ruffles to the ruching to the narrow belt, it’s perfect. In fact, I love it so much, I’m seriously contemplating getting the floral version of it as well. I’ve found it’s not always easy to find cute suits that keep everything covered while you’re out with the kids. While I want to be comfortable hanging out with the family, I don’t necessarily want to look like an old lady while I’m doing it, you know what I’m saying? This style strikes the perfect balance of being comfy and really cute. Sometimes a great one piece stands out in a sea of teeny bikinis on the beach. 😉

How gorgeous is this fringe towel/wrap?! (Mine shown in the pictures is a little different colorway). Not only are the colors amazing, but it has a very lightweight towel fabric on the backside so you can use it to lay on or as a cover up to tie around you. I’m so in love with the bright patterns!

Before I go I wanted to share something that I’ve recently been introduced to. Get ready.

You can rent designer sunglasses.

Eek! How fun is that?! Am I the only one who gets in a sunglasses rut sometimes? While I love my staples, I find I’m often itching for a new look to go with an outfit that I’m putting together, which is why I really think this is such a great concept by Ditto.

You pick out which designer frames you’d like to rent for $19/month and use them for as long as your heart desires. When you get ready for a new pair, you simply send your rented pair back and move on to the next style that’s rocking your world that week.

Now, what if you rent a pair, fall head over heels in love and decide you’ll never be able to part with them? You can buy them minus up to two months of rental fees! So those two months of rental fees($38) would go toward the total purchase price.

 I went with these really fun Karen Walker beauties for my first pair. If you’re into making a statement, these definitely do the job nicely! Love, love the retro feel of them. The perfect pairing with this swimsuit!

So if fabulous sunnies are your thing, I highly recommend checking them out! If you decide to give them a try, be sure to use code JANUARYHART for your your first month free!

Have a great day, you guys! Today is my baby boy’s birthday so it’s a day of mini adventures for me and my crew!

wet suit 1

wet suit 2

wet suit 3

wet suit 4

wet suit 5

wet suit 6

wet suit 7

wet suit 11

wet suit 9

wet suit 10

Swimsuit: Wet Swimwear (Floral version here) c/o | Hat: Vera Bradley c/o | Towel: Desigual c/o | Beaded Bracelet: Beaucoup Designs c/o | Sunnies: Karen Walker via Ditto | Tassel Necklace: Dibadani | Name Necklace: Bip & Bop c/o | Circle Ring: Rocksbox (use code JANUARYXOXO for first month free)




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