Show Dad Some Love: 2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2016

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2016


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Dads kinda get the short end of the stick when it comes to Father’s Day, am I right? It’s really such a shame too, because dads, these days especially, do SO much for their families. I honestly don’t know where our little family would be without the awesomeness that is my husband! He completely takes care of us and I have to be forthcoming and just go ahead and tell you that he does more in the family task/chore department than I could ever aspire to achieve. I always tell him that while I know I may not play the role of Susie Homemaker very well, I feel like I make up for it in other areas! Ha!

Anyway, in an attempt to remember the dads in all of our lives, I’ve put together a little gift guide for you to hopefully help you out! Seriously, how cute are those Daddy & Me gift ideas?! I love it!

Also, I feel I need to tell you that numbers eight and ten are two things that my husband owns and really loves! I feel like I’m always picking up that soap bar on a rope for him when I’m at the mall. And he discovered some old school Tretorns online several weeks back and got those sneakers in both white and navy and gets constant compliments on them! I love seeing him wear them with casual shorts on a Saturday.

Hope you find something up there that works for the dad(s) in your life! Thanks so much for reading, ladies! Have a great afternoon! xo

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