I think it’s pretty safe to say that while we don’t love the discomfort that they can sometimes bring, most of us ladies love our heels…the higher the better, right?

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. ~ Marilyn Monroe

I’m totally on board with that sentiment.

It’s always been my experience that nothing delivers that little extra boost of confidence like a great pair of heels can. It’s weird, but I don’t get that same feeling from even the cutest pair of flats. Maybe it’s a short girl thing. 🙂

Anyway, I’m always very careful when wearing them. I don’t like scratches, tears or dirt of any kind on my heels. I’ve pretty much gotten the “tip toe through the grass” walk down pat and I don’t care how silly I look doing it. 🙂 I loathe that feeling you get when you can feel your heels sinking into a patch of wet grass. Aaak!

The ladies over at Solemates felt our pain and created a solution! They came up with these super clever little covers called High Heelers for all the different heels sizes out there. They prevent you from sinking into the grass! Now, I found that while they are indeed excellent in grassy situations, they are also really great on concrete and rocky surfaces too. If you wear skinny heels like I often do, adding these to your heels increases the surface area that you have to walk on so it really does make wearing your heels more comfortable, especially if you’re standing or walking in them for long periods of time. I can’t recommend them enough! Perfect for all those outdoor summer weddings happening this time of year. You can very quickly and easily slip them off and stow them away in your bag when you’re not using them. Love these things!

solemates heels

In addition to High Heelers, Solemates has also expanded to now carry a line of shoe care products. Cobbler’s Couture was created to help keep your feet comfortable and your shoes and leather accessories looking their best. My favorites are the shoe rescue kit that you can keep with you when you’re away from home(hello, emergency!), the shoe freshener, and the Blister Blocker. All excellent for making life in heels a little more comfortable!

So if you’re a heel wearer too, I really urge you to check out everything Solemates has to offer. If your tootsies could talk they would definitely be thanking you for it! 🙂

solemates collage

solemates 1

solemates 2

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solemates 5

As always, thanks so much for reading!



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