Sporty Gal Gift Guide 2015

Sporty Gal Gift Guide 2015

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As a gal who spends most of her mornings at the gym, I must confess that more often than not I end up wearing my workout clothes for the rest of the day. Try not to judge me, k? I know I should go home, shower and put on regular attire, but it just doesn’t always happen like that, folks. Again, try not to judge. 😉

So with that in mind, today’s gift guide is dedicated to all your best girlfriends who love to live out their days in cute leggings and sneakers.

Give it up for those animal print leggings, you guys! Love and need! I’ve also included some really great accessories that fit in great with those living the fitbit life. And every gal’s gym bag should be stocked with some smell good spray, blister blocker and something to keep those tootsies smelling sweet!

Hope you’re able to find something up there for yourself or for your besties this Christmas!

ps….Don’t forget you can checkout all of my holiday gift guides here or here in case you missed any of them!

Thanks so much for stopping by tonight, chicas! Have a great night!



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