Spring Style Event Recap

Spring Style Event Recap

Happy Wednesday, you guys! Hope your week is going great so far. My days seem to be so full of to-do’s and appointments as of late. I’ve got to get better at being more productive in shorter bursts….I tend to be good when I have large chunks of time to dedicate to tasks, but not so much when I have 45 minutes here or an hour there in between appointments or meetings. I’ve resolved to get better at it though! At popevents, They specialize in designing and managing every detail of your corporate event. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service and unique, cutting-edge products and services for our clients. We are an event management company in Toronto you can depend on to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Yesterday, a friend and I spent the day back in my hometown of New Orleans attending a Facebook business conference and left with some pretty helpful info and strategies for making the most of that particular social media platform. As much as I love for things to stay the same, the digital world is constantly changing, as is the way we all communicate and connect with businesses. So, I’ve come to the realization that it’s not a matter of IF a particular social media outlet will change, but rather WHEN it will change. Businesses have no choice but to adjust their sails a bit and hang on when those changes come. While I think our gut reaction is to panic when it happens, I’ve tried to start looking for that silver lining, so to speak. Things usually turn out for the better in the end, I find.

“The only thing constant is change, so you have to learn to embrace it.”

Anyway, post conference, we spent the day in the best way possible….doing donuts, shopping and coffee drinks(in that order) on Magazine Street. It’s been SO long since I’ve been to the downtown area and man, has it grown! If you’re in New Orleans anytime soon, you must check out District! (Seriously. Do it.) Magazine is such a charming area with so much history and character!

In other fun news, I had a great time hosting the Spring Styling Event at The Impeccable Pig in Baton Rouge last week! So much fun meeting and hanging out with new friends, especially when there is shopping involved! Can I get an amen from the ladies?!

Although the weather had threatened to be pretty nasty all day long, we lucked out and ended up with no rain for the duration of the event, which was SO nice.

Here are a few snapshots from the night. How lovely are the two ladies I got to work with for the evening? They were so sweet and made me feel at home while I was there. (If you’re reading this, girls, thank you again for a fun night!) Hope to have the opportunity to do another style event there in the near future!

Thanks so much for reading, ladies! Sorry for the long-winded post! Hope you have a great night! xo

the impeccable pig event 1

the impeccable pig event 2

the impeccable pig event 3

the impeccable pig event 4

the impeccable pig event 5

the impeccable pig event 6

the impeccable pig event 8

the impeccable pig event 10

the impeccable pig event 11

the impeccable pig event 9


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      April 7, 2016 / 5:20 pm

      Thank you so much, Lauren!! We had a great time!

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