Styling Your Bar Cart for Fall

How to style a bar cart for Fall on


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How to style your bar cart for fall


Anybody else like restyling your bar cart each season? While I’d SO love to be able to redecorate our whole living room, it’s just feasible right now. But the one thing I can always update without breaking the budget is my bar cart area. It’s a fun opportunity to get into the season and spruce up the space a bit.


Fall bar cart ideas


Last year our fall bar cart had a few treats, including my favorite apple cider recipe, and more of a metallic theme. While I used a couple of the same items in this year’s version, I opted for a little more of an earthy feel with the mini succulents and textures this time around.


While there are obviously no rules here, I always try to incorporate three things when I’m putting together my bar cart:

| ONE |

Some time of artwork that draws your eye up.

| TWO |

Something living. I like throwing in a couple of mini plants or one large one next to the cart to bring in that natural element.


Something with a little ‘sparkle’, like copper cups or something else metallic to catch the eye.


styling a Fall bar cart on


One thing I did want to mention when it comes to styling your bar cart is not to overthink it too much and there’s no real pressure to HAVE to have the wine or cocktail setup if that’s not your thing. Style it with things that make YOU happy and feel more into the season.

As the saying goes, ‘No rules, just right.’

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and share that with you today and hopefully get you excited about sprucing up yours this coming weekend! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Go ahead and get your guest station set up so it’s ready to go! Let me know if I can help you with anything as you get going with yours!



Fall Bar Cart ideas on



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