Tony Moly

Tony Moly

This month’s Beauteque Beauty Bag(BB Bag) is ALL about the very popular Korean brand, Tony Moly. According to The Beauty Expert), “Koreans are serious about their skin care. They also know what they want—innovation, gentle ingredients, pleasing packaging—and they definitely don’t want to pay a fortune for it,” says Charlotte Cho, the founder of, an online store specializing in Korean beauty products.

So, what that tells me is that Tony Moly must put out some really effective, yet affordable products, considering it’s one of the most popular brands there. I’d say that’s pretty great news for us here in the states as well!

I must say, they definitely do make some really cute packaging! Last month it was the mini sized banana-shaped hand cream…..this month it’s the Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub and the Tangerine Hand Cream. All so cute, I feel like I need to line ’em all up and put them on display somewhere. 🙂

So, needless to say, I loved Beauteque’s decision to make this month’s BB bag a Head to Toe Tony Moly bag! From hair, to skin, to the very bottom of your feet, it’s a collection that covers all the bases.

So here’s what was in my bag:

  • Strawberry Seeds 3-Step Nose Pack
  • Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream
  • Gold Black Sugar Mask Scrub
  • Face Mix Primer Lip Concealer
  • Two heart shaped pumice stones
  • Make HD Hair Straight Cream System
  • Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub
  • Blue Gingham drawstring bag


tony moly 1

tony moly 6

tony moly 2

I’ve mentioned it in previous Beauteque posts here on the blog, but it bears worth repeating a little about how the Beauty Bags work and what you can expect in yours each month.

Each bag comes with seven to eight FULL SIZED products. It could be any combination of skincare, haircare, or nailcare products, depending on what gets put together for that month’s theme. Previous themes have included Breakfast, Head to Toe Pink, and Milk just to give you an idea. The prices range from $22 to $30 per bag. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s really fun to receive these bags in the mail and play with all of the goodies inside them! It’s kinda like a little mini-spa party at your own pad! Also, it’s a great way to discover some of your new favorite products.

tony moly 3

Ok, I realize I’m probably partial to them because of their cute appearance, but my favs in this bag were the Lip Scrub and the Tangerine Cream. I wasn’t too sure about the scrub at first, but once I let it set for a few minutes and then wiped off the remaining, it really does leave your lips feeling softer and more emollient, which is always a welcome feeling.

The Tangerine Cream is a great size for your purse and the smell reminds me of a cross between an orange and some yummy passion fruit. Very light but definitely detectable, which I liked a bunch.

tony moly 5

tony moly 8

tony moly 7

And there you have it…..this month’s BB Bag! I really encourage you to give one of these bags a shot….you’ll have a great time looking through all the items and taking them for your own test drive!



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