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Are you familiar with Warby Parker? They are a company that began with four students looking to create affordable designer eye wear in a world where none seemed to exist before. Until then, it seems the eye wear industry had been dominated by a single company with a bit of a monopoly on the market. The result? Crazy expensive designer eye wear with little to no other options available for us everyday folks. Thus began Warby Parker….an alternative to the overpriced eye frames dilemma. Awesome, right?

A couple of things to know:

  • For every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker donates one pair to a person in need
  • They offer Home Try on….you choose 5 frames you think might work for you, style-wise, they then send them to you for a five day test drive. Pick which one works for you and send the rest back with free return shipping.
  • Frames start at $95.

So today marks the unveiling of their new Summer 2015 Downing Sunwear collection and I thought it might be fun to pull some looks together with each of the four colors available:

Striped Indigo (Limited Edition)

Walnut Tortoise

English Oak (Limited Edition)

Jet Black

There’s really a little something for everyone in this group. I mean how cute are these frames, you guys?! Love them!

Downing is “a little polished, a little quirky and very versatile.” Translation: perfect for any occasion! My favorite is the English Oak hue! Honestly, they’re just such perfect summer sunnies.

Which color is your favorite?

downing warby parker

downing warby parker

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