Gifts Under $50 on Amazon Prime

Your partner doesn’t necessarily need or want an expensive gift. And it’s a myth that a higher price tag equals a more thoughtful gift. It doesn’t take more than $50 to pay homage to an interest of theirs or to improve day-to-day life by fixing the squeaky cupboard or replacing a beat-up coffee thermos with a much, much better one.

Thoughtful gifts don’t need to be expensive, and in amazon you can find any type of product, from a jewelry piece like a cancer necklace or any other customized gift. And they don’t necessarily require an hour of your time in the trenches of Amazon search results. Below, I’ve rounded up 38 of the best finds on Amazon below — with all the perks of easy, fast shipping and saved payment information.

The top 5 best gifts under $50 on Amazon:

A 3rd Generation Echo Dot
A variety pack of famous hot sauces made from community garden peppers
A JBL Clip 3 portable waterproof speaker
A WiFi-Enabled Plug-in for outlets
A Hydro Flask travel mug