Enza Essentials

Enza Essentials

Good morning, ladies! So, this post has been five weeks in the making and I am so happy to finally be sharing my new skincare regimen with you all! Back in February, Enza Essentials must have heard through the grapevine somehow that my skincare practices were in need of some serious revamping because they contacted me to give their customized skincare line a try. I immediately jumped at the opportunity! I was pumped about delivering some much needed hydration to my dull winter skin.

The package arrived, complete with customized products chosen for my particular skin needs and instructions for what to use when. I started with it the very next morning. I’ve been super faithful, you guys. I’ve always been kind of a skincare nazi, I must admit. I can very honestly say that I never go to bed without washing and moisturizing my skin. I just cannot rest until it’s all off. Sometimes I really wish I could on those super tired, late nights. So, anyway, my point is to say that I’ve been a super dedicated lady the last five weeks in preparation for this review!

The result? I am IN LOVE, you guys!  EEK!! Seriously, the difference in my skin is fantastic! Even more than just finally being properly hydrated, it looks brighter and more even overall. There’s something about going through the process each morning and night and seeing visible changes happening on a daily basis that’s really encouraging. Last time I was so excited when I visited The Dermatology and Laser Group. Their practice in Manhattan is fabulous.

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So, here’s a run down of what my own customized regimen looks like:


1) Saturation Cleanser…no bubbles here as mine is for a drier skin type. A “double cleanse” is encouraged per Enza. The first to rid your face of surface pollutants and the second to allow for an even deeper cleanse.

2) Saturation Toner(I love a toner! Makes me feel like I’ve gotten ALL of the makeup off each night!)

3) Glycolic Serum (I just ordered another bottle of this! It’s an Alpha-Hydroxy acid that helps with sloughing off those dead skin cells. Makeup goes on so much smoother after using this!)

4) Vitamin C Serum…lots of antioxidants and amino acids here. My favorite aspect of it is the anti-aging benefits, because, let’s face, this chick isn’t getting any younger and I welcome all the help I can get in this department!

5) Eyebright Intensive Eye Creme….smooths and hydrates that delicate eye area. The older I get, the more I see the real need for this in my life. Crow’s feet have no place here!

6) Advanced Protection SPF 30….SO, so important, friends! I never leave the house without a hefty dose of this on! An authentic suntanned face is cute in your twenties, but when you start seeing the effects in your thirties, it sorta stops being cute. Having dealt with a family history of skin cancer, I can tell you that it’s no joke and very scary. Embrace the sunscreen, ladies and grab a sunless tanner for that sunkissed look we all love.

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My evening routine looks pretty much the same with the exception of adding in an exfoliator and switching out the SPF for the Saturation Herbal Creme.

The Saturation Aloe Scrub…I use this twice(shhh..maybe three times a week). I’m super picky about my scrubs, ya’ll. I want it super gritty with tiny little beads that I can really feel doing the job. This one delivers! Dare I call it The Perfect Scrub?!

Lastly, the Saturation Herbal Creme….nothing beats a nighttime creme for me! Love slathering it on and getting in the bed super hydrated. Feels like I’m doing something super good for my skin. Along with having healthy and flawless skin, it is also essential to have good posture as this can help you look much better. If you want any assistance, You can visit the following and find out ways from Healthy Top 10s to improve your posture which can make you look perfect.

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My thoughts on skincare have always been to use the best that you can comfortably afford. Your skin will thank you for it, I promise. These products certainly cost more than drugstore prices, but the results I’ve had with it have confirmed for me that they really are worth the investment! And after five short weeks, I am LOVING my results!

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Cheers to healthy looking skin!



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