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| ONE |

I tried this eyeliner a couple of weeks ago and I am officially hooked on it! I wear eyeliner on my waterline, both upper and lower, and my old one would never stay put. This one lasts all day and it goes on Like. A. Dream…..So good.

| TWO |

My very favorite self tanner company came out with a new product a week or so ago and I’m excited about trying it! I have used the Deluxe Mousse in Ultra Dark for over two years now and LOVE it. (The color is beautiful and doesn’t look orange AT ALL.) For those of you who like to gradually build up your tan, this new lotion might be right up your alley. If you try it, let me know your thoughts on it!


I started this easy to follow Kelsey Wells Shoulder workout a few weeks back and love it. What I love is that it’s not complicated and I can knock it out in just a few minutes at home with a pair of dumb bells after a run.

| FOUR |

Spring is here and this girl needs some motivation to help increase the water intake. I get bored with plain water some days and love adding fruit to mine to change it up. The only thing is that I feel like the fruit needs to kind of marinate to really flavor the water well enough. So, this handy item is on my list to snag this weekend! How about you? Do you like fruity water?

| FIVE |

I was surprised shocked to learn I made the cover of a magazine here in the Baton Rouge area for the month of April! Such a fun experience shooting with their team and letting them doll all us social media influencers up for the morning! Good times!

Hiya, friends! Happy Friday! Popping in to share a few Friday things with you. What’s on your weekend agenda? I didn’t realize until yesterday that we’ve got a pretty full schedule around here with a bridal shower and an Easter egg hunt social event. The kiddos are off next week for spring break so it’s probably going to be a pretty relaxed week with a visit to my mom’s house near the beach. Hoping to fit in a little beach run while I’m there!

Anywho, hope you have a great weekend, whatever your plans turn out to be!

See you here next week, you guys!



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