Healthy Living Finds: May Edition

Healthy eating finds

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Chompie’s Multi-grain Bread

I’ve been on the hunt for a good tasting low carb bread for a while now. I heard about the Chompie’s brand in a Facebook group that I’m in several weeks back and to my surprise, I ended up stumbling on it in my local Sprout’s a few weekends ago. Sandwich days are back, you guys! It’s so good AND it has high protein! I just had a cup of tomato soup with half a grilled cheese using the Chompie’s Multigrain bread! Yes, I’m excited about bread. Leave me alone. lol

STATS: 70 Cal: Carb: 5g | Fat: 2g | Protein: 9g


Your Super Moon Balance

I’m on a mission to have happy, balanced hormones again because good sleep, mood and cognitive function are nice things to have going for you, right? What I love most about the Your Super brand is the all natural, no filler, ‘from the earth’ ingredients and approach to their products. Its’ founders are a husband and wife team who truly walk the walk when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Check out their Instagram page to see more from them.

I couldn’t decide which of their mixes I wanted to try first when I was ordering. In the end though, I decided to begin with their Moon Balance. It’s a Superfoods powder that helps to balance weight gain, hot flashes, bloating, stress, depression, indigestion, acne, muscle and joint pain. Yasss!! All the girl things, right?

I take it a few different ways. (1) just mixed up in a few ounces of water (2) mixed with steaming hot almond milk at nighttime (3) my favorite way…in a simple smoothie with fruit and coconut water. Yum!


Flo Gummy Vitamins for PMS

Ok, don’t laugh, but I LIVE for good gummy vitamins of any kind. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that one of my favorite parts of every morning is popping two of these Flo gummies. They taste ahhhmazzzing and were developed to help alleviate cramps, acne and mood swings each month thanks to two natural ingredients….chaste berry and Dong Quai. Weird names, I know, but effective if taken daily.


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