Home Office Makeover with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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Home Office Makeover with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

This room originally became my office after my second son was born in 2009. Since then, it’s been both my happy place and office to lots of different creative ventures for me. (Oh the late nights I’ve pulled in here!)

The last design update was way back in 2016, I believe. So this space has been in need of a little update for a while now.

Less Pink, More Neutral

I brought in some new elements with the accessories and chairs, but I think the thing that’s made the biggest visual impact is this easily removable peel and stick wallpaper.

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At first I was kind of on the fence about how much of an undertaking this accent wall would be, but my motto has always been ‘Say yes and figure it out later’.

So that’s what this girl did.

I was really happy with how easy the whole process was from start to finish. I played around with different colorways and patterns on the Love vs Design site and had my sample in my hand just a few short days later.

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I will say that being able to see the sample, in person, in the space, was a HUGE help….because I figured out what I really wanted….and it turns out it wasn’t my original sample! 😉 One of the things that comes with your sample delivery is a complete color guide, because let’s face it, what shows up on the internet ain’t always real life, am I rite? I ended up totally switching directions and going with a different pattern and colorway all together. And I couldn’t love it more.

(I went with the Inky Herringbone print in colors Cotton and Pastel.)

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You can see video of the before and after over on my Instagram.

I debated back and forth about whether to add a little pop of color with the chairs or not, but in the end I did the practical thing (so not me, by the way!) and went with a swiveling cream velvet style with antique gold legs.

A good bit of the accessories were old ones, but I’ve rounded up everything I could for you below. Hope my little home office space gives you a bit of inspo to make your own cozy and perfect for you.

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