How to Make Leather Pieces Work for You

how to style leather pieces

So if you’ve been around here for any length of time, you already know that leather, in all its various forms, is a fall and winter (and even early spring!) staple for me.

Leather shorts, jackets, blazers, skirts, pants……you name it and I probably own it.

In short, it’s my jam.

How to Make Leather Pieces Work for You

The trick to wearing leather is finding what best suits your own personal style.

You might be the subtle/lowkey type who prefers to show only a hint of texture with leather. Or you might be someone who feels comfortable making a little bolder statement. A leather blazer or pant might be more of a fit for you. No matter your preference, trust me, there is a way to make leather pieces work for you this fall and winter.

Here are four ways to start with, along with some examples of how I’ve styled them for myself.

1. Wear leather under a jacket

There are lots of tops and bodysuits, both high neck and low neck, that would be a great way to add some interest to your boot cut or wide leg denim. Throw on a cropped jacket or a blazer for a polished finish.

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2. Show off your best fall boots with some Leather Shorts

This is probably my favorite and most worn way to wear leather. I have a pair of leather shorts in just about every color it seems like. As a vertically challenged girl 😄, I always feel like this route suits me best and is most flattering, especially with some tall boots. You’ll see me in this combo ALL fall long from year to year, I promise you.

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3. Go more traditional But with a Twist

With the newest shacket trend happening, this one is the most beginner-friendly way to venture out into wearing leather if you don’t already. Shackets are very flattering on all body types and look great with all your denim this season.

You can also go the traditional leather route and find a nice quality neutral jacket that allows you to get the most wear out of it every year. A good quality leather jacket is timeless.

Now, my personal favorite way to wear a leather jacket is in the form of a blazer. There’s something about a blazer that just boosts my confidence through the roof, and when you make it leather, it becomes next level stuff for me.💁🏻‍♀️

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4. Add a sassy pair of Pointy Toe Heels to Some Sleek Leather Pants

I think there’s something so modern and chic about a great pair of high waisted leather pants worn with some killer heels. It’s a look that demands attention and bossbabe-esque respect when you walk into a room. So maybe save this option for when you need to confidently walk into a room full of your very best frenemies. 😉😜

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