My 6 Current Go-To Beauty Products

Best current beauty products


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Best current hair products


For the discerning customers of today, has eco friendly packaging for beauty brands also I’ve been singing the praises of these six beauty products to all of my family and friends lately, so it only seems right I also share them with you guys here.  For the white and shiney skin here is homemade remedies.

Let’s get right to it:

Hair Care Products

Verb Ghost Oil – I first saw this serum/oil praised by a big magazine’s beauty editor. I figured if there’s anyone I could trust when it came to beauty products, surely it would have to be someone who’s full time job it is to test out new products for all things skin, hair and nails. Turns out she was 100% right about this one! It’s been a real game changer for me lately with the dryness of my winter hair. It’s made with a Moringa oil blend that truly smooths frizz without weighing it down. No parabens. No sulfates in this one.


DryBar Prep Rally – This one is not new, but it’s the first time I’ve used it in conjunction with the Verb Ghost Oil and together, I’ve discovered the winning combination to less frizz and more shine for my hair. It’s a lightweight detangler with Biotin, vitamins B and C and UV blockers that protects hair from heat (hello, Curling Iron, I’m talking to you!) . I towel dry my hair after washing and spray this generously all throughout my hair, roots to ends. Love, love!



Best affordable beauty products to own


Skin care Products

Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm – Guys!! In an effort to cut to the chase here, this cleansing balm is THE BOMB! I will not be without this one from here on out! I tend to have to wash my face a few times to get ALL the makeup off every night. I’m one of those people who cannot sleep with any kind of makeup on my face. This balm smells ahhmazing and miraculously melts off every bit of my full coverage makeup the very first application! Weird as it is to say, I get excited every night to use it. It’s incredibly effective and feels like silk on your skin. Seriously, please give it a try.

Glam Glow Gravity Mud Mask – Last month a girlfriend of mine and I took a little New Orleans weekend staycation to relax a bit. While we were there we shopped around for a little pampering mask we could do in front of the hotel room’s tv. Honestly, if the process of applying and peeling off a facial mask can be described as fun, this one definitely delivers on that fun factor. It’s a white mask that, as it dries, turns to a cool metallic silver color. If put on thick enough, it peels off in one piece. They have several formulations, but this one helps your skin’s firmness. What I like most about it though, is the way my makeup goes on so smoothly after using it.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – Ok, so there’s good reason this facial cream gets SO much attention and hype from its users. I get it now after trying it for the first time a month ago. For these dryer winter months, it’s great for providing all day hydration. Not sure I’ll need it or not come July, but for now, it’s doing a beautiful job for me. I will definitely be buying another jar once the one I have runs out.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – Funny name. Big results, you guys. My friend raved about this product when we were browsing around Sephora last month. I’ll be honest. My thought was, ‘how life-changing can it really be? It’s a body cream, for goodness sake’. Fast forward to checkout counter time a few minutes later. They were offering a small jar of it as a birthday perk option for January birthday girls (that’s me!) It was fate! Ha! In short, I tried it, loved it and had my husband order a full sized jar of it for me two days later. It smells like summer in a jar and melts immediately into your skin when you apply it. It goes everywhere, by the way, not just on your bum bum. In addition to smelling amazing, you’ll also be able to boast tighter-looking skin! Sign me up!


Best affordable Beauty products

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