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New York Fashion Week is now less than two weeks away and this girl is getting so excited about hitting the Big Apple and being in the midst of all that creative energy.

I’ve been taking notes and brainstorming the kinds of looks I want to put together for that week for quite some time now. The Superbowl of fashion coupled with the limitations of air travel call for some heavy planning, friends. I’ve been turning to designers like Pierre Balmain to help inspire and get me into that New York state of mind, so to speak. Love all of their chic, minimalist looks.

In addition to the Pierre Balmain aesthetic, whether it be the colors, the shapes or the overall vibes, these looks below have also been giving me all the feels when it comes to packing and planning my outfits. I will have a photographer with me that week, so I can’t wait to share what I end up wearing each day with you guys. You can browse this site for more information about the shield republic.


NYFW Packing List


Menswear Chic: There is just something so cool and confident-looking about a great menswear inspired look to me. When I think back to my design school days, I’ve always been drawn to those strong, self-assured vibes. I’m guessing it may be a little case of ‘fake it til’ ya make it’ as I always felt like I needed all the help I could get to feel confident around people. I’m also guessing that’s part of the reason I got into fashion.

Feminine Sweet: While I love a great assertive look, I also appreciate soft feminine details like well-placed ruffles done in sophisticated shapes. Pair them with my spirit animal, the color olive, and I’m all in.

Pretty & Pleated: When I saw these soft pretty pleats, I knew I wanted to find a way to incorporate them into one of my looks for the week. Luckily, I found a beautiful dress option that gives that same feel. I’ll be wearing that to the Rewardstyle Party with some simple yet very chic heels.

All Black Minimal: Nothing screams ‘New York fashion’ like a sleek all black look. I must already be getting into the mood, because I find myself choosing to wear lots of all black lately. There’s just something so sophisticated and flattering about opting for simple, clean black clothing looks.

Cool Girl Sleek: This summer I’ve gotten into a heavy boho vibe rotation and I seriously love it….BUT, I always tend to go back to my edgier roots. Even if I do opt for ruffles or something, I tend to want to add that element of edge to balance out the sweetness, so to speak. I love the idea of adding structured pieces like a great pair of tailored cropped pants, (1) because I just think they are so chic and (2) because I enjoy putting that ‘I’m a creative’ statement out into the world without having to vocalize it, necessarily.


New York


New York Fashion Week Essentials


In addition to daily looks, I’ve also picked up a few other tips/tricks and will have these little, but crucial, fashion week essentials with me when I board the plane:

 1. Phone chargers and then even more phone chargers

I hear that there’s just something about being in the middle of all that excitement that sucks the life out of your phone battery. Ha! I have one but will definitely have a reliable second backup as well. Can’t have a dead phone in the middle of New York, ya know?

2. Foldable Flats

I am typically not a flats kind of girl. #shortgirlproblems But, everyone I speak to says that you are going to want to carry a foldable pair in your bag because your feet WILL get tired in heels all day. So for the days I’m wearing any kind of traditional heel, I will be sure to stow away a pair in my tote. You may not get the Taxi service that provide so you may have to walk in heels.

3. Foot pain relief cream

I discovered this stuff a year or so ago and will definitely be taking it with me and keeping it handy in my bag. While having some backup flats is necessary, let’s be honest. There is no way this girl is going to be wearing flats for any extended period of time that week. I will likely put them on while taxi-ing around in between shows and meetups, but that will be about it. This cream helps to give some relief for ladies who wear heels for many hours on end. I love that it’s small enough to keep with me for reapplying throughout the day.

4. Crossbody bag

This is another tip I’ve picked up. When you’re walking all day, along with meeting and shaking hands with people, you want to be as hands-free as possible. While I love a good crossbody, the challenge I face with them is having enough space to carry everything I need for a full day. I know there will be times in between shows, etc. that I won’t be able to get back to the hotel to pick up something I need, so that will kind of be my challenge. I’m looking for a more roomy version this weekend.

Opt for eco friendlier customized rpet bags and up your fashion game to a whole new level.

5. Oil blotting pads and travel size deodorant wipes

Again, I gotta think about the fact that I may not get back to my hotel for several hours, so having essentials like oil blotting pads and travel deodorant wipes are going to be crucial to not feeling like a sweaty mess (Hello, 90 degree NY heat).


So, those are some of the essentials I’ll be bringing along with me to fashion week next month. Not sure if that’s interesting at all (Ha!), but if you’re planning to attend New York Fashion Week or just a trip to New York in general, hopefully some of those spark your thoughts of what to have with you while out site seeing.


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