Summer has arrived and it’s Golden!

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Boho Summer Romper on


Hey guys! Summer is officially here for the Rizzo family and for the first time in a long time I could not be happier about that! With after school activities and fighting over homework coming to an end for the school year, I am thrilled for a more relaxed schedule for the next several weeks.

Our boys had a week-long blast at Pinecove’s Camp in the City last week and for the next two weeks, Reeves will be at a Broadway Musical Camp. While I’m Sooooo happy that he is showing so much interest and talent for theatre and dance, I’m also a nervous mom worried my baby won’t get the part he wants so badly this week. I want him to understand that it takes practice and time to land those coveted roles. My worry is that he’ll become discouraged if he doesn’t get the roles that he sees the older, more experienced boys getting. Ahhhhh….

Mothering is hard, ya’ll.


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So, with Reeves at camp, my oldest, Pierce and I are getting some quality one on one time together and it’s been really fun so far. My boys have very different temperaments, and so it’s nice to be able to really focus on each one individually from time to time.

Some other tidbits about life around here right:

  • We have a thriving herb and veggie garden that I talked about here, with our first cucumber picked off last week! So far so good, ya’ll!
  • I found out I have a pretty scratched up cornea right now and can’t see squat out of one eye…..just blurred objects at this point. So that means no contact lens for the next week or two, hence the lack of blog posts as of late. So frustrating trying to focus with one eye BUT this too shall pass.
  • Pete and I have thrown around the idea of taking the kids to Las Vegas this summer. I thought it was a wacky idea at first, but after looking at all of the things available for families to do, I’m excited about it!
  • I’ll be guest speaking at a Brand in the City workshop here in Baton Rouge about my thoughts and strategies for a successful Instagram presence. If you’re a new blogger or local business looking to up your presence on that platform, you need to come join us! I’d love to chat with you!


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So that’s our current life in a nutshell for ya! Hope you’re summer is off to a great start so far!

Oh and I’ve been getting a lot of questions over on Instagram lately about how Pete is doing! I’m SO happy to report that he is doing AMAZING and back to regular life, with some big dietary changes, of course, but he’s doing great! Thank you for all of your prayers the past few months with his surgery!


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