The Importance of a Morning Routine Now more than Ever

daily routine for healthy body and mind


tips for setting a good morning routine


Before the Covid-19 stay-at-home restrictions came about, did you have a set morning routine?

If so, did the “new normal” situation mess up that routine? Maybe you abandoned it altogether. Or maybe you’re still keeping on track with it most days, in which case, nice!! Way to stay committed!

Unintentionally, I think I’ve always been a routine type of girl…a creature of habit. I think building in a bit of structure to our days is something we all crave and need to stay productive and feeling in semi-control of our daily lives.

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Be sure you give yourself plenty of time to make your list and plenty of time to contact everyone on it.

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setting a morning routine


While I think they are valuable for any part of our day, I do think that a morning routine sets the tone for the day and gets tasks off and running, so to speak. For me, that’s getting up, getting dressed immediately for the day, making my morning coffee, jumping on my Instagram at 8:30am to post and check in on my online friends. After that it’s an hour dedicated to my morning workout and then I feel on a roll to do the harder tasks, like writing blog posts, returning emails, etc.

Having that morning routine really gets my energy going and my mind in the right place to do the things I don’t especially love doing.


making a daily routine


If you don’t already have a morning routine set for yourself, here are a few tips to get you started.


5 Steps for Creating a Successful Morning Routine

| Step 1 |

Find your why.

What’s the real reason you want a morning routine? Are you doing it for you? Are you doing it because it’s what everyone else tells you you SHOULD be doing? Do you want to stop rushing out the door every morning? Maybe you’re like me and have trouble focusing on those first daily computer tasks?

Finding your reason for changing your routine will give you the motivation to make it happen.


| Step 2 |

Edit your current routine.

What’s NOT working in your current morning routine? Are you sleeping in too late? Spending too much time surfing and zoning out on social media before your feet even touch the floor? Start by thinking of moving, or cutting, those tasks that are taking too long to accomplish first thing in the morning. Maybe moving them to a later part of the day when your brainpower is working at a more optimal level might be a better plan.

You know yourself better than anyone else. Do a little self evaluation and decide what tasks are best for you to start with that are going to make you feel a sense of accomplishment right away.


how to make a daily routine for yourself


| Step 3 |

Add in some good stuff.

Think about adding in something that you enjoy, whether that be making a daily to-do list, making and enjoying your morning cup of coffee on the patio, a dance party while getting dressed and listening to music, etc. Whatever gets your mood in a positive place, start there! I’ve found that feeling happy and successful at accomplishing one morning tasks leads to another….and another.


| Step 4 |

Map it out.

Go ahead and write it down for the first morning or so and see how it goes? Move things around if you need to the next day and so on. Sometimes just being able to look at a simple list of instructions (in this case, a daily routine list) helps make it feel less daunting those first few mornings.


| Step 5 |

Make it happen!

You’ve got this! Time to put your plan into action. Give it up to a week to really stick. Habits take time to form. Before long, you’ll be thriving and moving along like clockwork when your feet hit that floor.

Important: Something to keep in mind here though…..

As you are well aware of, there are going to be days when that everyday routine isn’t possible for whatever reason. That’s ok. Embrace the day as it is and start again the next morning with your routine!



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