3 Tips for Surrendering the Need for Control

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Hey friends! How are ya?

It’s been a week and a half since I’ve been able to post here on the blog and I’ve truly missed this little creative outlet of mine in just those 12 short days. But, if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past month, it’s that occasionally God has to take extreme measures to get our attention sometimes. During this process of recovery for Pete, I feel like God has been challenging me to really slow down and just focus on our family.

And I’ll be honest.

I haven’t loved it very much, you guys! Ha! I feel like I’m ok with it one day and then mentally pitching a fit about it the next.  I’ve had to make sure that I’m in constant communication with Him, asking for help and a good attitude to get me through this transition time when my flesh and impatience wants to control the situation and make it go faster. His timing is perfect and I know He will set our family back into a new normal routine when He sees fit.

With that in mind, I thought I’d pop in today with a few tips for coping with that need/desire to control situations in our lives.

So let’s get to it, shall we?


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1. Trust, Trust and then trust some more

The level of trust we have in God is a direct result of how much we love him. When we love someone, we are more apt to trust that person, right? When that love and trust are combined, it will naturally create a confidence in you. As a result, that confidence will then convince you to happily passenger ride with God anywhere He’s taking you without any fear or need to co-pilot with Him! He’s got you! Trust He always has your VERY best interest at heart.


mustard long sleeve ruffle blouse


2. Continually communicate with God

Just as trust is a direct reflection of our love for God, so too is effective, open communication with Him. You know how when you have ‘beef’ with your spouse or someone else temporarily, it’s difficult to effectively communicate and hand over the reins of trust to them completely? When we are holding on to control or not fully trusting that God doesn’t need our ‘help’ on our behalf, we may not interact with Him in the best way. We may hold a bit of a grudge or feel threatened in some way when we feel things aren’t going our way in life. These feelings can make communication more difficult. Yet, trading our complaints for praise, and our criticism for thankfulness, that He knows EXACTLY what we need, is the real-game changer! When we trust Him fully with our lives, those lines of communication are strengthened and an unexplainable peace comes into play!

3. Surrender to rest

Resting…who doesn’t love it, right? Our minds and bodies are renewed by it and our view of things can change significantly with it. I know for me, whenever I’ve had a rotten day, I always know that a good night’s sleep will likely help me to wake up with a new perspective to the things that may be causing me stress or worry.

In the same way that rest brings us a renewed sense of perspective, God wants us to also rest IN HIM. When we decide to trust God with our lives, a natural rest will begin to take place, knowing that He has it all under control. We don’t have to strive to make our lives turn out in a certain way. We just have to abide and rest in Him. I know for me, that brings me such peace on a daily basis, just knowing and trusting that He’s already got it all figured out for me! I just get the fun part of watching it all unfold!


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