Ways to Style a Classic White Shirtdress

white shirtdress

With spring nearly here, it’s the perfect time to consider the classic white shirtdress a solid staple piece. Dressed up or down, it will always do you right!

Ways to Style a Classic White Shirtdress

Whether you need a casual pulled-together look for spending the day out with friends, or you’re looking to dress it up a bit for a night out, a classic white shirtdress is always a good choice. As you’re shopping for the right one, look for subtle details like a rounded hem or an interesting sleeve for an elevated effect.

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I tend to wear a belt with blousy looks just to give my shorter frame some shape, but you can always wear a shirtdress unbelted as well. Try rolling up your sleeves and giving your collar a little pop to open up the neckline a bit. Depending on time of the year, you can also try pairing it with a moto or denim jacket.

Lastly, my suggestion is to focus on your accessories with simple looks like these. They can really elevate an otherwise plain piece.

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