What My Top Selling Summer 2019 Pieces All have in Common

What My Top Selling Summer 2019 Pieces All have in Common


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White summer romper under $40


While fall is just around the corner and school has started back for many, I’d venture to say that it’s still very much summer weather for most of us. Looking over the past several weeks at what you guys purchased the most of from my posts both here on the blog, via my Instagram page and Liketoknow.it profile, I was a little surprised (although I really shouldn’t have been) at the top three sellers for the summer months.


white eyelet summer romper


Two of the pieces were easy-to-wear summer rompers (you can see more of that pink stripe romper in this earlier beach post) that are perfect for beach vacations and the third was a sleek white belted one piece swimsuit.

Two things I noticed right away about all three was that they were all

1) UNDER $20


2) came from the same online store.


White one piece belted swimsuit


Here’s what I want to say about the Shein brand, you guys. If you’re familiar with it, you may have, or had, reservations about purchasing from this retailer. I’ll be the first to say, “I SO get it!” I wasn’t always a huge fan of the brand in general. Either I didn’t love the quality of what I bought when I received it, or the customer service wasn’t up to par, or the shipping took wayyy too long.


I honestly urge you to give them another shot if you haven’t already recently. I’ve found that they’ve really stepped up their game on all fronts.


pink ruffle romper womens


Just to test out their customer service response rate, I recently inquired about the status on an existing order I had placed. In less than 24 hours, a courteous and helpful reply from an actual person was sitting in my inbox.

Now…as far as quality goes, while it’s still occasionally a ‘miss’, I find that 95% of the items I purchase from Shein are well-within my standard of acceptable. And sometimes, for the price, they even exceed my wildest expectations IF you pay close attention to a few key things on the product pages!


White one piece belted swimsuit under $30


Three Things to Check before Hitting “Add to Cart”

1.  First and foremost, check the reviews on your item. While sometimes you have to try something out for your self to know, do still pay close attention to the pro’s and con’s of previous buyers on the item your looking at. They have no skin in the game and are just leaving honest feedback.

2. Scroll over the section where the sizing is and it should highlight exact product spec measurements for each size. Read through them closely to determine your size. Don’t assume you should just go with your normal size.

3. Check the fabric content. I tend to do this first. While seeing 100 % Polyester there doesn’t always mean doomsday (Polyester has com a long way over the years!), it occasionally will be a deciding factor for me if I’m on the fence about the quality of an item.


And if after all of that, you receive your item and you’re unhappy with it for whatever reason, they offer free returns on anything purchased within 60 days. Easy peasy.


cute hair braids hairstyles

Summer 2019 Top Sellers




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