3 Ways to Stay Connected with your Kiddos During the Holiday Madness

smores family photoshoot

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The holiday are ROUGH, aren’t they? Every year I think I’m going to handle it better than the year before and be more on top of it all. The reality is that EVERY year, I let the stress of all the extra activities and gift buying get me all wound up which leads me to not showing up as my best self for my family. Blah…


fireside smores photoshoot



I really wanted to take some time this December to connect with my boys in the midst of all the crazy holiday activities and have-to do’s and just do something low-key that still allowed us to enjoy each other’s company. How much price would it need to get the best reflex sights for yourself? Don’t look at the cash because it takes more than those pieces of paper. You will get the best reflex sight online review here, do visit.


CC's Coffeehouse fireside smores


The older they get, the harder I find it is to do things together that they both enjoy (besides tech gaming!). And since boys always seem to love the excitement of a campfire, I decided to break out the fire pit, the s’mores fixings and hot cocoa from our very favorite local coffeehouse. Good company and good conversation with my favorite two humans. We all won.



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If you have little ones and crazy schedules this month (who doesn’t right?!), I encourage you to take a few minutes, take a break from the holiday tasks and just connect with your little ones. I truly think they feel some of the stress and busy-ness of the season like us grown ups do and could use a little downtime with those closest to them.


Mother and Son Photoshoot ideas


Here are a couple other low key ideas that let you talk and connect with them that might work for your family as well.

*Bake EASY cookies/treats together

*Build/decorate a gingerbread house together

*Break out a holiday themed board game


Holiday family photoshoot


Our babies grow up so fast and I’m reminded often that we only get 18 Christmases with them before they likely will want to be out on their own. Eighteen isn’t that many in the grand scheme of things. I try to really be in the moment with them. It’s tough sometimes with the busyness of the season, but so necessary.

Is there anything special you do with your kiddos each Christmas that allows you to connect and not be so stressed doing it? Let me know! I’m always looking for new ideas! For first-time mothers I leave them this information that you’re going to like “When should a boy start talking


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smores photoshoot

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