New Year. New Beat. New Start. New Goals.

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Let’s get to it! What are your goals for the new year?

Is there something you’ve been dreaming of so big that you feel silly saying it out loud for fear those closest to you will think you’ve lost your mind? As the old saying goes, “if it doesn’t scare you a little bit, you’re not dreaming big enough.” I’ll tell you, the older I get, the more that idea lights a fire under me to go for bigger things. My new favorite mantra that I repeat to myself often these days is, ‘Why not me?…why the hell not me?’ We’re ALL worthy and good enough to succeed.

Guys, let’s make a pact to dig deeper in 2020… go for crazy big goals.

Are you with me?



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No idea where to start?

Try writing down five dreams you have for yourself every day for a week? Some will be the same, but I think you’ll be surprised at how a few will change from day to day. That’s ok. Over time, if you do this exercise regularly, the more bold you’ll become about declaring your dreams.

Second step is to go through your week-long dream journal and pick one to focus fully on for 2020. Which one really speaks to you and lights you up? That’s the one you want to commit to.


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I’ll share mine with you.

My big goal for this year is to turn my attention to creating even more fitness content that affects you guys in a positive way and really pursue new ways to stretch my physical abilities. I want to work toward new opportunities to push myself in this area. Day after day, that’s what lights ME up.



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Whatever your goal(s) is for this year, the best piece of advice I can offer you is to JUST START.

Start with one small thing….build on that.

And repeat.

Day after day. Week after week.



Start by doing 1 push-up.

Start by drinking a cup of water.

Start by paying towards one debt.

Start by reading one page.

Start by deleting one old contact.

Start by walking one lap.

Start by attending one event.

Start by reading one page.

Start today.

Repeat tomorrow.



See the pattern?

We can do this. Let me know what you’re dreaming of for yourself this year. I’d love to cheer you on for the next 12 months.



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