4 Products I’m Loving For My Health & Fitness Goals | February Edition

4 Products I’m Loving For My Health & Fitness Goals | February Edition


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One of my health goals for 2021 is to put a greater emphasis on my “inside” health. While I’ve primarily been focused on physical fitness in the past, this year I want to work on making sure the inside matches the outside, so to speak. One of the ways I’m doing that is by trying new things/ideas each month that help with my health and wellness goals. I figure if just try four new things a month, by the time December rolls around, I’ll have better than 40 new things that I enjoy to make this journey more exciting. (Cue the confetti!)

Here are February’s new finds that I’m loving.


Built Bars

Ok, I truly mean this when I say that these bars are a game changer. No lie, the first bite I took of the Salted Caramel flavor sent me straight to my phone to order more. The texture is not like other protein bars. This one is more like a candy bar. It truly feels like a treat every time I bite into one. I’ve got three other flavors arriving today and I’ll let you know how I like those next time, but again, the salted caramel flavor is delicious. Also, the stats….130 cal/17 g protein/4 g sugar. Love it.


Transform HQ Low Carb Meal Replacement Shake

I’ve always been a big Heidi Powell fan, so I had a pretty good feeling that this new meal replacement shake she created with Chris Powell was going to be a winner when it came to both taste and performance. And turns out I was right. They ran a special in the new year to try four different flavors of their sample tubs (seven servings each) and I gave it a try. I went with Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Orange Cream and Cookies n’ Cream. Honestly, not a bad one in the bunch. I, of course, had my favorites (Chocolate PB and Orange Cream). The last one I ordered was the Cinnamon Toast Swirl. (LOVE putting half a scoop of this one in my morning oatmeal! So good!)

While I drink it mixed with almond milk, I also love adding half a scoop of the Chocolate to my vanilla greek yogurt for an extra boost of both flavor AND protein.

(FYI….Using code JANUARY10 HERE will get you a little discount.)


Lil Buff Protein Single Serving Cake Mix

I stumbled on this company while I was on Facebook one night and was immediately drawn in by the idea of a QUICK single serving, high protein, cake option. I’m a cake girl through and through!

I ordered the starter kit with the cake mix and little microwavable cake pan to cook it in. I’m a girl who has to find creative, healthy ways to get her sweets in. This cake definitely does that!


Transform HQ Boost Shot

Hand up if you struggle with energy most days. (I’m waving wildly over here!) If you’re in need of a healthy way to kick caffeinated soda cravings to get going during the day, I can’t say enough good things about this one. It has helped me SO much over the past month. It’s purpose is to deliver energy and mental clarity, all while tasting like a Crystal Light type beverage. I’ve now tried the Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon and Berry flavors and my favorite is the Strawberry Lemonade. So good. And I find I don’t get tired of it like I sometimes have a tendency to do with some drinks.

The biggest thing with it that I find though is the sustained energy it gives, without any of the jittery feelings. I can’t stand feeling jittery.

In full disclosure here, I have loved the Transform line so much over the past month that I signed up for their affiliate program. It’s just that good. If you try it, let me know what you think!

(FYI….Using code JANUARY10 HERE will get you a little discount.)

I’ll be back with more of these monthly new finds! Hope you find something that helps move you toward your health and fitness goals!

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