5 Date Night Ideas: The At Home Edition

5 Date Night Ideas: The At Home Edition
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Sharing some fun ideas to mix it up a bit for Valentine’s Day 2021 (or any date night of the year). Let me know if you do any of them! I’d love to hear how it went! Oh, but keep it PG rated though, please! Wait, who am I kidding? I wanna hear allllll the salacious details! ha!


| ONE |

Hop online and order up a Date Night Box ahead of time, plan for pizza and wine and get busy creating together! 

I love the idea behind these Date Night boxes. Have fun creating together and then find the perfect spot to hang your masterpiece in the house. Some of my favorite personal things around our house are the handmade items. Pete and I recently took an AR Workshop class for one of our date nights and built a pretty blanket ladder together that I love seeing every morning in our bedroom. Reminds of that time spent together.


| TWO |

Get a different view! Take dinner to a new location.

How about ordering fancy (or not fancy! McDonald’s fries can look awfully sexy if plated up just right!) takeout, put up a small table (complete with fancy tablecloth) in an unexpected part of the house, perhaps, ahem, next to the bed? Turn off the lights, light a candle, and cue up the mood music as you eat together. Could be fun!
Remember, this is about changing it up for the night. Variety is the spice, ya’ll.



Steam up the kitchen by taking a virtual cooking class together.

I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class. While lots of things have been put on hold, I love the idea of these virtual cooking classes you can now take with your mate at the comforts of your own home. Create and enjoy something yummy together and rate how you guys did as a team. Or make it a competition and the winner gets to call the shots later in the evening. (wink, wink) Bon Appetit!



| FOUR |

Chocolate and cheese, please.

Pete and I’s very favorite date night place to eat for YEARS has been The Melting Pot. Sadly, ours closed a couple of years ago. While I loooooove every course, I also love the idea of shortening it to something a little more doable for a date night at home. How about premaking a pretty charcuterie board to enjoy and then finishing it up with a chocolate smores fondue experience? Dim the lights and dip, baby, dip. Don’t hate me. Ha!

Or get crazy and do chocolate AND cheese fondues complete with nice wine and candles.



| FIVE |

Pretend you forgot to pay the electricity bill for the night.

Except this time don’t get mad at your bill paying partner for not handling their business. Ha! It’s allllll part of the plan.

Ditch the lights (hello, candlelight dinner), tv (hello, bedroom activity), and see where it takes you. Maybe fire up the fireplace and make smores for two and snuggle up feeding each other dessert. Or you could make a fort with blankets in the living room, tell funny (or scary) stories about your years together thus far. I’m sure your guy will help you figure out something to do under those fort blankets. They’re pretty resourceful like that.


However you spend your Valentine’s Day this year, I think this is the year to really get back to basics and enjoy the small things again like just being together. Together is, without a doubt, so much better.



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