5 Fresh Makeup Ideas for your Spring Looks

Spring Makeup look inspo
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Hiya! Got a few spring beauty ideas for you guys today!

Let me know if you try any of them and how you made it work for you!


Fresh Spring Makeup Ideas

| 1 |

Colorful eyeliner – Spring looks are not complete without a little(or a lot) of color. Try picking up an inexpensive pink eyeliner and play with lining your upper or lower lids. It’ll give a little pop to your eye this season.

Some options to look at:


| 2 |

Metallic smoky eye – I love a good dark smoky eye as much as the next girl in the winter months for a night out. Try adding a little sheen to it for spring with metallic shadows. Still sultry, but a little lighter in feel for the season.

Some options to look at:


| 3 |

Pops of neon – A fresh, modern approach to the 80’s look that made such a trend statement. Don’t get scared. It’s ALL in how you apply it. Keep it subtle and just a swipe on the lids. It’ll bring so much light to your eyes.

Some options to look at:


spring beauty makeup trends 2020


| 4 |

Blush draping – So think contouring, but with blush. Applying a deeper blush to the hollows under the cheekbones, and a lighter blush to the higher planes of the apples and temples creates a personalized, sculpted look that’s fresh and glowy.

Some options to look at:


| 5 |

Glossy lips – So the trick here to not looking like a tween with glossy lips is to go for a gloss that has built-in color in it already and swipe it on your lips one time. One and done. You don’t want to keep layering because that’s when it starts to look caked on (also another reason for not layering lipstick under your gloss as well).

Some options to look at:



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