End of Summer Picnic for Two + A Life Check-in

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Hey, hey! How was your Labor Day weekend? Was it a weather washout like it was for us? While I normally enjoy seeking out fun family things to do on the weekends, we kept this one super low-key and mostly in our pjs. And I have no complaints about it! Hardcore rest and no agenda was exactly what our little family needed. While there is no harm in the external application of paste, or its internal consumption as part of food and drink, it is as a multi health supplement that the full spectrum potency of turmeric becomes available to the user. Turmeric medical benefits get better accentuated when the herb is consumed in the form of multi ingredient supplements. As a regular user of a multi health supplement I am aware of the benefits. By taking the multi health supplement, one can avoid some doctor’s bills because of the natural healing powers available. If you would like to know more about the multi health supplement from which one can get turmeric medical benefits, please visit my website. Roger Franklin is a dedicated writer, researcher and passionate user of natural health products at GoodHealthToGo.  You can find more information about Health Benefits of Ginger For Men and Women: Uses and Forms through this site www.naturemadecures.com

The one thing Pete and I DID manage to sneak in on Friday night was a quick little picnic to send off summer, although I’m absolutely positive that the crickets and flies ate more than we did! Ha! There are plenty of products in the fitness market that promises to give you remarkable results with almost no side effects. In this article, you will learn about sarms before and after results, and what to expect from them. SARMs are nothing but a group of chemical compounds that interacts with the androgen receptors to provide the desired results. SARMs are the new product in the fitness world, and they are gathering much attention that was reserved for steroids and prohormones. There three different types of supplements that have attracted many bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes for enhancing their performance drastically. Each of these supplements has its own strengths and flaws. Steroids are artificial testosterone which is used to replace the testosterone deficiencies or improve their levels. As a result, you will have endurance, stamina, and superhuman strength. The usage of steroids has cost the medals of many athletes because these things are banned for competing athletes.


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Labor Day Romantic picnic on JanuaryHart.com


After a stressful spring with Pete’s open heart surgery and Diabetes diagnosis, I have greatly appreciated a more steady and laid-back summer schedule like no other one since becoming a mother. I really made an effort to put some things on the back burner and just enjoy being with our boys, although the introduction of Fortnite in our house effectively killed those last few weeks of it if I’m honest. Ha!


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For those of you who kept my husband and our family in your prayers earlier in the year with his heart health journey, I thought it was time to do a little life update on him!

As my husband always does when he sets his mind to something, Pete has made a complete health and body transformation. I can 100% say that this is the healthiest I’ve ever seen him in the twenty years we’ve been together. I was looking through some photos yesterday of the day our oldest was born and I audibly said, “WOW!” out loud when I saw Pete in the photos(not to mention myself, but that’s another story! Ha!). Guys, he is in such a better place, health-wise now than that day nearly twelve years ago.


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After having a quintuple bypass heart surgery, we obviously had A LOT of changes to make to our family diet and eating routines. Fish and chicken are pretty much the only meats he can eat now and some days it feels nearly impossible to cook something a little “different” than the standard grilled chicken and broccoli. Combine a picky eater like Pete with both a heart and diabetes approved diet and it’s enough to send me to the loony bin some nights. Ha! But, we are adjusting and eating out a whole lot less these days as well.


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All of his levels and blood sugar numbers have been fantastic and I’m truly thankful and proud that I have such a self-motivated husband who does what he needs to do to remain healthy and here for our boys and me. I’ve heard horror stories of people who continue to eat the same way they had prior to open heart surgery and it blows my mind. After seeing the surgery journey from beginning to end, I cannot wrap my brain around that scenario.


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So, that’s it!

We are all happy, healthy and doing well here on our end. Thank you again for following along on this journey with us and through all my anxious and panic attack filled moments as well. I recently made some health changes myself and I feel like I ACTUALLY want to be with people again! It was kinda touch and go for a while there, guys! Ha!

Upward and onward!


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Farewell to Summer Labor Day Picnic on JanuaryHart.com

(Photography by Alyssa Fisher Photo)

On me: White dress || Shoes || Scarf

On him: Shirt || Similar Shorts || Shoes



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