I’ve Improved My Emotional and Physical Health With These 3 Things

I’ve Improved My Emotional and Physical Health With These 3 Things


While I’m not one for big new year resolutions, I DID sit down with my journal this past January and spent some time thinking about what I wanted the year to look like for me personally. Things I wanted to really improve on and strive to get better at.

Here’s how part of my list went:

Practice “baby steps” instead of my usual “all or nothing” mindset.

Deal with issues that always seem to keep me feeling “stuck” and looking for “my purpose”.

Master my mindset about my physical body and put some better ideas into practice when it comes to fueling my body.

Find new ways to spend my time that don’t always involve social media.

Enjoy the process of learning a new skill for no other purpose or no one else but me.



Because I’ve made some good strides in a couple of these areas lately, I thought I’d share some ideas/things I’ve learned in case they may help you as well.


A more effective way to view and fuel my body

After following an intermittent fasting lifestyle for the past several years (and drastically cutting my daily calories about two years ago), I found that I got the leaner body I was striving for, but once I got there, I had no real idea how to MAINTAIN that weight loss. And while that might sound silly (“just add more calories, dummy!” you might say) , I realized that for as long as I could remember, I’ve only really known two scenarios. (1) Complete calorie deficit (2) Eating ALL the things.

I’ll be honest. It gave me stress. Big stress.

So, I prayed about it.

I asked God to help me in this area. I wanted to live a more balanced lifestyle so that I could have the energy I needed to be present for my husband and kiddos each day. And so He answered me by putting Biceps After Babies into my newsfeed one day in January. In short, it’s been SUCH an enlightening learning experience and a mindset shift that I’m so thankful for. I’m now understanding so much about how my body works and what it responds to and how to be brave and not fear the process, thanks to the Macros 101 program that Amber offers. Highly recommend it if you’re wanting to jump off of the yo-yo dieting lifestyle that so many of us have been on most of our adult lives. Also, she has an AMAZING podcast as well! SO much valuable information if you want to check it out.



Dealing with my “all or nothing” and Perfectionist mindset


Not sure if it’s becoming apparent yet or not, but I’m on a personal growth journey in 2021, you guys. I’m really digging in.

With that in mind, something else I’ve been working on taming is my need for everything to be “perfect”. Gosh, I struggle SO much with this. And while I feel like my need for perfectionism has helped me create some beautiful things and opportunities in my life, it’s also a double-edged sword. It often keeps me from moving on projects, etc, for fear they won’t be up to my insanely high standards. So what do I do? Nothing. I sit on it and do nothing with it.

Because that’s moving me forward, right? Ha!

About the same time God slid Biceps After Babies my way, He also orchestrated a way to introduce me to About Progress and Holy Cow!, I saw SO much of myself in everything that Monica Packard struggled with. I love that she’s made “her mess her message”, so to speak! If you identify with any perfectionist tendencies, you should check her out. She also has a podcast as well with tons of helpful episodes that really encourage and remind you that who we/you are is so much more than enough.



New Ways to Spend my Time Offline

“I don’t spend enough time on social media”, said no one ever. Ha! Who can relate?

I’ve been really intentional so far in 2021 to keep a better balance in this area of my life, which can be tough, given what I do here with blogging. But, like a lot of us probably, I find it can be so draining at times. So I’ve been using a couple of new things to help me decompress and/or help me with my personal growth goals.

What are they? (1) Podcasts and (2) the Libby app (I love the audible options available!).

Rather than endlessly scrolling my Instagram or Facebook feeds now, I switch over to one of those two resources and get lost in a book or an encouraging podcast. When do I listen to them? While I’m driving, while I’m doing the dishes, while I’m watching the girls in the front yard, while I’m walking the neighborhood, etc. I love it! I love that the comparison game is no where to be found here and I can find enjoyment and encouragement in these new ways.

I had no idea the Libby app existed and I can’t tell you what a great and FREE resource it is! All you need is your current library card!

The last few things I’ve read/listened to using the app?

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

Atomic Habits by James Clear


As for podcasts, here are several that I listen to regularly:

The Mel Robbins Show

Unlocking Us with Brene’ Brown

About Progress

Biceps After Babies

Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope

The Goal Digger Podcast

Hit Play not Pause

The Marie Forleo Podcast


I’ll leave you with this little pep talk/reminder! We can do hard things, you guys. Don’t let your perfectionism drive your actions. It’s all about progress, NOT perfection that brings us closer to our goals in life.

Stop putting those projects, dreams, etc. on hold. Take messy action and JUST DO THE DANG THING, mmkay! 🙂



I sincerely hope that you find something of value in one or all of these ideas that you can use today. I’m always searching for new ways to learn and grow and be encouraged, so if you’re doing anything right now that’s helping you in a big way, please let me know! I’d love to know about it!


Improving emotional and physical health in 2021

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