My Top 10 Go-To Healthy Snacks and Meal Ideas

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Since I posted about my fitness routine several weeks back, you guys have been asking me to share some of my favorite snack ideas/recipes and simple home workouts. So let’s get this party started, shall we?!


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My Go-To Snack Ideas

*Disclaimer: I’m a fairly simple eater. I don’t get super fancy with my snacks or meals. Just FYI. Ha!


So, I figure just listing them off for you guys is probably the best way to get the info out there, so here are the foods I turn to weekly right now. Feel free to copy and paste these in your phone Notes section for when you come up short on ideas or get in a rut.You can try Laura’s Lean Ground Beef for good diet plan. The nakhon thai is a great dish for healthy and delicious lunch and dinner.

You can find all recipes mentioned below on meal preps that really work for fat burning as well as you can also order online and taste them first.

  1. These Protein balls made with wheat germ (great source of Folate)
  2. Nut butter in packets
  3. my very favorite protein bar
  4. hard boiled eggs
  5. watermelon in summer (hold the salt, please)
  6. turkey rollups (deli turkey with thinly sliced provolone rolled up) or just rolled up turkey if I just need a small something to get me to the next meal
  7. These greek yogurt packs with that yummy chocolate crunch
  8. These all natural grilled chicken packets , sometimes with a little bit of BBQ sauce. (I throw one in my purse and go when I know I’ll be without food for a while.)
  9. Iced latte with almond milk and sugar-free caramel (because I’d be lying if I didn’t say I drink these daily in the morning and they curb my appetite)
  10. Sliced cucumbers and purple onions with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt & pepper (I like to make this and let them sit in the fridge for a few hours if I can)


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My Go-To Weekly Meal Ideas


  1. Ground turkey taco lettuce wraps
  2. This yummy summer salad. The dressing is all kinds of amazing!
  3. Ground turkey burgers on the grill with these sandwich thins
  4. Tuna packet on crackers
  5. Thinly sliced deli turkey with single slice of provolone rolled up on a high fiber tortilla wrap
  6. Marinated chicken on the grill with broccoli (not exciting, but I do love it)
  7. BBQ chicken pizza on cauliflower crust or this crust on occasion
  8. Grilled fish tacos lettuce wraps with this cilantro lime sauce (YUM!)
  9. This easy peasy slow cooker shredded chicken. We eat it all week long different ways.
  10. This low carb (Turkey) Pepperoni Pizza chicken 


Healthy Easy Pinterest Recipes

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So, that’s it! A few of my tried and true food options that have helped keep me on track. I’ll be back again soon with some at-home fitness workouts that I use when I can’t get to the gym, and using the right supplements for this as well, that I get online, Visit Website to find these supplements as well. If you guys have any questions or anything that you’d like to see me cover in terms of my fitness routine, please, please let me know! I sincerely want to post things that are helpful to you all!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, friends! Thank you for reading!



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