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Happy Friday night, friends! How are ya? Whatcha got cookin’ this weekend? Big 4th of July plans? I was just telling Pete that I heard them talking about it being a big holiday weekend on the news and I had to go check my calendar to see what holiday they were talking about! Ha!

Needless to say, we’ll be keeping close to the house this weekend and saving up our energy for our beach vacation coming up soon. I’m sure we’ll be popping a few fireworks with the kiddos though. Party animals, right here! Ha!


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So, if you follow me over on Instagram, you might have noticed that I’ve changed the vibe a bit on my feed the past several weeks. The reason? Well, that’s kind of a two-parter answer.

First, after the stress of Pete’s heart attack in February, I think I just wanted to feel joyful and do fun things again, ya know? I realized what a blessing it was to have caught the heart problem before it become an even bigger problem and I wanted my life to reflect that joy and appreciation.


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Second, I had some extensive blood work done a couple months ago and figured out a lot of my anxiety and depression was stemming from an imbalance in my levels. Just a few of them were cortisol, thyroid and the B vitamins.

Since figuring that out, I’ve been taking high quality supplements to get things back on track and oh my goodness, it’s amazing how good I’ve been feeling. I used to have no motivation to get out of the bed other than to drop the boys off at school and go right back home to bed. It was getting bad. BUT, I’m happy to report that your girl is back and feeling better than ever, with an even greater appreciation for life and for good health in general!


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So, I think with that came an itch to want to branch out and add even more “life” to what you see both on Instagram and here on the blog as well. My goal is to always be real with you guys as a mom and wife and hopefully to encourage you with a smile or a laugh along the way.

Anywho, it’s my sincere hope that I’m doing that and sharing things with you guys that are helping/encouraging you in some small way in your life.


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So, that’s the gist of it, you guys! Hope you all have a fantastic HOLIDAY weekend! Ha!

Stay safe out there!


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