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Ladies Good Vibes Shirt on


Hey friends! Hope you are well! Our little family is back from the beach and getting back into our normal summer routine this week. We had a great time and I just want to say that if you can swing having your babysitter go with you on vacation, DO IT!! It was so great having ours there with us to have an extra set of eyes on the boys and be able to split up for different activities when we needed to. Pete and I were even able to sneak away to my favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot for a few hours on our own. I swear, that place NEVER lets me down….so yummy!


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As I mentioned, we are back and after taking the majority of this summer to be present with the boys and really spend time with them, I am eager to get back to regular postings here on the blog. I’m hoping you are too. Ha!

Something I wanted to touch on with you guys is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (AKA the big pink elephant in proverbial blogger room). If you are a die hard Nordy shopper, you know that the past week and a half is like the Superbowl of shopping for lots of folks.

You can imagine what a HUGE deal this is in the bloggersphere. Big. Huge, I tell you.


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So, in short, as most bloggers stayed up the night before to get the skinny on what was included in the sale and report back to their readers, I was joyfully sitting on the beach. Chillin’. And you know what? I have zero regrets. I love you all and I do hope you understand, but I made a decision to just be present with our little family at the beach and I’m so glad I did.

Having said all of that, if you aren’t all shopped out yet and want to see my picks from the big sale, I created a tab at the top of my site for you. You can also find that here.


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Thanks so much for reading! I’ll be back this week with a post from our vacation!


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