Struggling to Find the Joy? Give This A Try

finding joy again


Every so often I go through these phases of feeling like I’ve temporarily lost my joy. Now, for me, that usually means in the area of creativity, but it very likely might be something different for you. I’ve figured out over the years that being creative, experiencing creativity, being in the presence of creativity…all of those things….those are what make me feel whole and happy and ALIVE.

What makes YOU feel happy? Feel content? Feel inspired? Feel fulfilled?

Maybe you’re not even really sure what that looks like.


finding joy in your life


I’d challenge you to try implementing a “Do Something” List.

I first learned about this idea from blogger/podcaster Monica Packard, a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist(we’re basically twins!), and I started creating my list immediately.

The idea is to make the things on your list more about the process rather than the outcome. And instead of working from a mindset of having to “do it all, or do nothing at all”, you simply do SOMETHING.

Strive to make your list full of things that inspire exploration, curiosity, challenge and creativity. As crazy as it might sound, I bet you’ll find your path back to fulfillment and joy again as you do and check off the things on your list. It’s a weird kind of magic that happens with it. There’s something about challenging yourself with a new experience and having fun without the pressure of an expected outcome that brings about a sense of self confidence and fulfillment. And who knows where one of the activities might take you! You might discover you have a real love and gifting for something you’d never considered before!


finding joy in your life


Here’s what my current 2021 DO SOMETHING list looks like just to give you a little jumping off point for your own.


1. Try 10 new challenging baking recipes (ex. french macaroons, breadmaking, soufflé)

2. Complete 5 online courses that interest me

3. Read/Listen to 15 books

4. Take a Jazz Steamboat dinner cruise with Pete in New Orleans

5. Try 10 new snowball flavors

6. Organize 10 small areas in my house I’ve put off for too long

7. Try a trail run

8. Take a yoga class on the lakes

9. Try a Pole Fitness Class

10. Print out iPhone family photos from 2016-2020 and make a book for the boys

11. Sign up for beginner piano classes

12. Try rock climbing

13. Adult Museum Trip (Doing this one tomorrow with Pete!)

14. Go on an overnight trip to Nottoway Plantation with Pete

15. Take 3 family hikes


I hope those strike up some inspiration on things you could add to your own DO SOMETHING list for 2021.

Also, feel free to start small with a Do Something: Summer Edition list as well if the other feels like too much to tackle right now. The MOST important thing is to just get moving on your list. My hope is that your list allows you to discover something new about yourself as you go through each item and that you experience some level of fulfillment and joy again in your life.

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