The Bed & Breakfast for your New Orleans Weekend Getaway

sully mansion new orleans

The charm of uptown New Orleans can never be overstated in my opinion. There is something richly captivating to experience on every street of the area. If you haven’t traveled to the area yet, I highly recommend putting it on your next New Orleans getaway itinerary.

The Bed & Breakfast for your New Orleans weekend getaway

Sully Mansion Accommodations & Rich History

I recently had the pleasure of staying at Sully Mansion for Memorial Day weekend with the sole purpose of rest and relaxation. By a wonderful stroke of luck, it was also a perfect weather weekend and I was able to really take in all the outdoor sights and sounds during my stay. It was truly a beautiful weekend.

Boutique Inn History

Built in 1890, this three-storied Queen-Anne style is the most intact of the few remaining “Sullys” in the area. Original stained-glass windows, ornate ceiling medallions, heart of pine floors, a grand stairway and 14-foot ceilings are just a few of its features guests can still enjoy during their stay.

Before welcoming guests as a bed and breakfast inn for four decades, it briefly got turned into a boarding house for soldiers between the years 1946 and 1978. I think it’s also interesting to note that descendants of the original owner of the home still live around the corner.

Mansion Features

Whichever of the eight beautifully designed guest rooms you choose to stay in, you’ll feel that deep sense of history and story that only a 100+ year old home can give. I was greeted warmly with a smile and a refreshing beverage after my hour drive to the area from Baton Rouge. Hospitality is at the very heart of living in the south and to experience it when I arrived was so welcoming and set the tone for a great three days ahead.

I stayed in the St. Charles room which is beautifully located at the very front of the home and has four floor to ceiling windows facing the front porch.

From the authentic creaking of the pine flooring to the intricate architectural details, it truly was a charming way to spend a weekend. I especially loved the sense of peaceful quietness and opportunities to relax on the porch and shut out the world for a bit. There’s something so wonderful about an intentional slow morning and allowing yourself to enjoy a lovely prepared breakfast in the Mansion’s parlor. You don’t realize how much “busy-ness” envelops your daily life until opportunities like this come to remind you to slow down a bit and quite literally stop to “smell the roses”.

In addition to being a bed and breakfast, Sully Mansion also offers a historic venue right in the heart of the Garden District. It has become the destination for intimate events and micro weddings in New Orleans. (Not sure how much more charming an intimate wedding could be set under a jasmine covered pergola in the Sully Mansion courtyard, quite frankly. So lovely and in keeping with the history of the city.)

Explore the nearby charming Magazine Street area

From the mansion, you’re only a very short walk away from grabbing coffee and anything else your heart could desire on Magazine Street. And if you find yourself three miles down Magazine Street and too tired to walk back, do what I did and grab an Uber!

Below are the places I took in, but honestly, there are SO many things to see on the six mile stretch of this street. I suggest checking out this resource when planning out your day. There is so much to see (and eat!) that mapping out a tentative plan is helpful.

Places I took in during my weekend stay

  • District Donuts
  • Peaches Record Store
  • Magazine Antique Mall
  • Sucre
  • PetCetera
  • Fleurty Girl
  • The Daily Beet
  • Imperial Woodpecker Snoballs
  • Reginelli’s Pizzeria
  • French Truck Coffee

Other places I highly recommend that time didn’t allow for during my stay (too much food, too little time! ha!)

More Amazing Food Spots To Check Out

  • Shaya
  • The Vintage
  • Rum House
  • Empanola
  • Parish Parlor Ice Cream
  • Commander’s Palace
  • PJ’s Coffee

More Great Shopping Spots and Places to Visit

  • Audubon Zoo
  • Sazerac House
  • Kendra Scott
  • C. Collection
  • Century Girl
  • Mignon Faget
  • Derby Pottery & Tile
  • Nola Boards
  • Hemline
  • The Elizabeth Chronicles

I’d love to go into depth about every single one of the places listed and tell you everything that makes each one so special, but I genuinely think the best advice I can give is to come experience it for yourself. After doing that I think that you’ll understand why it’s often difficult to put into words the specialness of the New Orleans experience.

‘Some things are better understood with experience’ -Kathakali

I hope you will make a plan to visit my hometown of New Orleans soon and stay at the Sully Mansion. And when they greet you with a friendly smile and a cocktail, tell my friends there that I sent you!

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