How Medical Grade Liquid Collagen Can Help Reverse the Clock

medical grade liquid collagen

Getting older can be both a blessing and a literal pain some days. I’ve always strived to maintain my health with lots of weight training, healthy eating and good sleep, but the small signs of aging can still creep up over time, whether that be in our joints and/or in our hair and skin.

How Medical Grade Liquid Collagen Can Help Reverse the Clock

Collagen has been a relatively big buzz word in recent years in the health and beauty industry. When done right, it can do some pretty incredible things for our bodies in the repair and anti-aging department. But, when done less than optimal (99.9% of what’s on the current market), it can often feel like you’re just wasting your money with little results to show for it.

Why I’ve become such a big advocate for this particular Collagen

Like so many, I took the popular powder brand that’s on the market for a couple of years. In short, I was underwhelmed with my results. I always felt like I should be seeing and feeling more benefits than I was. It was about this time that I got approached to try a new kind of liquid collagen. It’s FDA approved, medical grade and features four different types of collagen peptides for maximum results. And I don’t know about you, but no matter how great something is for me, if it doesn’t taste good, I’m probably not going to keep up with it. Q ReForm comes in a yummy Peach Mango flavor and all you need is one tablespoon a day to get the full benefits. (I often pour my spoonful over a small serving of greek yogurt and some berries or in a berry smoothie.)

The Nitty Gritty of the Unique Formulation of Q ReForm

• Types I, II, V, and X Collagen Peptides
• Vitamins and minerals for supporting collagen
production, uptake, and absorption*
• Sodium Hyaluronate, a more stable and easy-to-absorb version
of Hyaluronic Acid, to promote healthy supple skin*
• Biotin for healthy hair support*
• Resveratrol for healthy cell regeneration support*
• Supports whole-body anti-aging effect*
• Visibly decrease appearance of lines, wrinkles,
discoloration, and effects of sun damage*
• Promotes firm and supple skin*
• Collagen matrix provides head-to-toe support
including eyes, nails, hair, and gums

Now all of that is super impressive, but here’s what impressed me the most. Within only two weeks of taking it, the skin on my hands and face began showing real changes for the better. As weird as it might sound, I’ve always been a little self conscious about the tops of my hands. I felt like the skin there was starting to become more and more wrinkly. Q ReForm has changed that for me.

In addition to my skin, I’m seeing lots of new hair growth as well. I wore tape-in extensions for three years straight and when I finally took them out late last year, I was left with a great deal of hair breakage. I’m now noticing lots of new hair growth and improved texture since starting this particular liquid collagen.

Customers Before and After

Below are a couple of real customer before and after photos, one of them being a friend of mine. Lisa’s 14 day results are amazing and they are only continuing to improve for her.

How you can have your own transformation this summer

While nice skin, hair and nails are always in season, summer can be an especially popular time to work on getting your skin and hair looking great for beach vacations and more leg-baring shorts and swimsuit styles.

If you’re up for joining me in a Collagen challenge this summer, I’d love to have you! Have questions? I’m always happy to get you the answers you need. Just shoot me an email at

If you’re ready to go ahead and just get started on your own Q ReForm Liquid Collagen journey, head to the shop!

I can’t wait to hear about and see your results.

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