How To Reverse Diet With Macros

Reverse Diet with macros

How To Reverse Diet With Macros

Up until a little over a year ago I had no idea what the term ‘reverse diet’ meant or how to even start the process in the most effective way. If you aren’t familiar either or are looking for more information on whether it’s the best course of action for your health goals right now, today’s post is for you.

What even IS a reverse diet?

A reverse diet is pretty much what it sounds like. In a nutshell, instead of decreasing your calories, you slowly, over a period of time, begin ADDING back calories until you find your personal maintenance level. That’s the sweet spot where you’re not losing or gaining. You’re staying put.

What Got Me Moving in the Right Direction Toward Health

I first learned about the idea of reverse dieting via a Facebook ad from Biceps After Babies. I had been eating in an extremely low calorie deficit for a loooooong time and honestly, I couldn’t see that there was any other way for me. But, eventually I began thinking that there HAD to be a better way to 1) gain my energy back and 2) set myself up for the long haul with my fitness and health goals that didn’t require such constant extreme measures.

Enter Amber with Biceps After Babies.

I signed up for her Macros 101 course and got serious about learning all I could in her module program (I still go back through it today and refresh myself on some of the topics discussed.)

She has a beautiful and relatable way of explaining things to you in a simple, easy to follow, manner. I think it’s what sold me the most when I found her. In addition to teaching you how to effectively use macro counting as a tool in your arsenal, her program helps you get to the personal root causes of self-sabotage, emotional eating, etc. that keep you feeling stuck and starting over and over again.

For me personally, learning how to reverse diet after cutting was such an essential piece of the health puzzle and I’m forever grateful for finding her program.

Where I Am Today with My Reverse Diet

So, it’s been a minute since I first got brave and started very slowly adding back those “scary calories”, but I can tell you that I finally have my energy back, my mind feels less foggy and my mental head space feels back on track. I’ve learned that carbs are NOT the enemy, our bodies weren’t built to be in a long-term calorie deficit, and sometimes you have to add to progress and move forward toward your health goals.

If you are interested in hearing me speak more in depth about my journey and the mental struggles associated with reverse dieting, you can listen in to Amber’s podcast episode #209 with me titled, “Eating Less Isn’t the Answer”.

Biceps After Babies Podcast episode with January Hart Rizzo.

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