Macro-friendly Mini Cheesecakes

Macro-friendly mini cheesecakes

Summer is now in full swing and that means lots of get togethers and barbeques with family and friends. Which brings me to my next topic.

Food. Lots of yummy food. Today, I’m sharing with you my favorite macro-friendly dessert all dressed up for the 4th of July holiday. I’ve shared this one with you before, but when it’s this good and this easy to whip up, I figured it was worth re-sharing it in a little different format for the holiday.

Macro-friendly Mini Cheesecakes for the 4th of July

These macro-friendly mini cheesecakes can be switched up to add any type of topping you like. I’ve added this sugar-free caramel sauce (only 3 ingredients!) to mine more than a time or two and I’ve also topped it with a little melted peanut butter and chocolate drizzle as well. Divine any way you choose to go.

But for today, since it’s swimsuit season and all😉, we’re going to keep it light, airy and festive with some fresh berries. Keep scrolling for the recipe card to get started.

Also, if you’re keeping track, the macros on these if you choose to use the 12 cavity mini cheesecake pan I used is:

99 Cal | Fat 5.7g | Carbs 6.6g | Protein 4.7g per cheesecake

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Heyyy, before you go!!

Want even more macro-friendly recipes? Here are my tried and true favorites for you!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great summer season!

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